Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pictures with Santa

We took the kids to see Santa today. We went during Josh's lunch break so that he could meet us at the mall near his work. I thought I could probably use the extra help! I had talked to Brody over the past several days about meeting Santa. He seemed very excited about it. When I would ask him what he was going to say to Santa he said, "I me say Hi!" (When he talks about himself he says, "I me.") Then, I would ask him what he was going to tell Santa he wanted for Christmas and he said, "Toys." Then, when I asked him what he was going to do when he say Santa and he said, "I me cry." Haha!

Here is the big boy all dressed to go see Santa. He put one of Jillian's tutus on before we left. I made him take it off, but not before I got a quick picture! Sorry, Josh and sorry, 18-year old Brody! ;) Hey, at least it matched! When we got to the mall, there was no one in line to see Santa! It was a Christmas miracle! Brody ran right up to Santa and got in his lap! I could see him just talking away as I got Jillian out of her carseat. Who knows what he told Santa but I do love this picture of him talking to Santa!This one is sweet, too! It looks like he is really thinking about what he wants for Christmas! Although he enjoyed talking to Santa, he refused to smile for the camera. This is the picture we bought! I am just thankful they were both looking at the camera and not crying. I would have hated for the entire experience to have been tramatizing for all of us! I still can't believe we have two sweet babies to celebrate Christmas with this year! They are such blessings and make this time of year even more special for us.

After we finished with our pictures, we let Brody play outside in the little play area. He had a lot of fun! Notice he is wearing his crocs. He insisted he wear them today and I didn't really care to argue over something as silly as shoes, and since they were black I just went with it! Here are Brody's pictures with Santa from previous 2 Christmases.
This was in 2008 when he was a little over 2 months old! Jillian really favors him at this age. And here is the picture from last Christmas. Everytime I see this picture I just laugh! He posed like this and would not stop making this face. I love it!
Hope y'all are having a great week!


AbbyS. said...

Love last year's picture!
I just did the same post with the Santa comparassions from the last three years! How funny!
I would LOVE to add a baby girl to our Santa picture next year! :)
Enjoy this year- it looks like it will be a fun one!

Paige said...

haha, I absolutely love last years picture! So funny!!

Megan said...

Omigosh, every time i see that Santa pic form last year I crack up. I showed it to Luke and he was cracking up! It's a classic! And I said it on twitter but this year's Santa is a great santa, and I love Brody just sitting there talking to him!!

Maryellen said...

That is so cute, it looks like Brody is really taking it serious and making sure he spends his time with Santa wisely. hah

Jenni said...

Such great pictures! And, I can't believe there was no line to see Santa. Talk about great timing!

Claire said...

Last year's picture is a classic! Glad y'all enjoyed Santa.


The Allens said...

You got fantastic pictures!

Tiffany said...

Great pictures. Brody does do well with Santa!! We took Cole to see Santa last week and there were so many children who would just scream when they got to Santa. Thankfully Cole did a great job too. Your children are beautiful! I love the tutu picture. haha

Lauren said...

Oh my word, that last picture cracks me up!!!!! Your kids are just precious Jennifer!!!!! You and Josh are truly blessed!!

D├ębora Lopes said...

Hello Jennifer!
My name is Deborah Lopes and my mommy is Lucy Lopez on live here in Brazil and we love seeing your blog and especially the growth of Brody and Jillian and would like to say that we are Blessed by his family be as blessed by God, and you follow Kelly koners but it looks like you guys are a bit busy with their new children you'l with his little Jillian and Kelly waiting to Hollis.
I wish I could contact you already that we are a family crest do not think I would be no problem.
My messenger is: deeboora_@hotmail.com.br
and my mom is luzialopes2@hotmail.com if you want me reposnder this comment.
Sorry if the translation is not good and by chance you do not understand use google translator.
Thank you and hope you have a great weekend and that Jehovah God continue to bless your family even more.


Amanda M. said...

I LOVE your Brody stories! That boy is just a hoot! I love the tutu and how he ran up to Santa and just started chatting him up!

Katie said...

Last year's picture is hilarious and I love Brody in the tutu..I'm sure your hubs loved it too. haha

Miss V said...

Your little boy cracks me up! He has soo much personality and is just way too cute!! I hope that one day when I have a little boy they will be as entertaining as Brody! hahah! Merry Christmas to your family! xoxo

Perfectly Imperfect said...

He's like the only toddler I've seen that doesn't look horrified by Santa!!

And Jillian is adorable!