Friday, October 22, 2010

Finally Friday

I think Brody is cheering in this picture because it's finally Friday!

It's been a long week. I think the sleepless nights with a newborn, along with the exhaustion from chasing a busy two year old all day after getting little sleep at night has finally caught-up with me and I'm TIRED! We have no plans tonight and I am very excited about that. I probably should do some laundry so we have some clean clothes to wear. I am little behind on laundry! :)Saturday, we are planning on going to the Razorback game. Since we have indoor seating and since I am nursing, we are taking Jillian with us. It should be fun! And maybe, just maybe, I will get to take a nap at some point this weekend since Josh will be home to help! He is such a big help!! I'm so thankful for him. Someone in our house has started to smile and when she smiles or her brother gives me a huge hug, it makes me totally forget about this tiring week! They are such a blessing!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Katie said...

What are you blogging for, lady--go to bed!! hehe
Love the pic of Griffin holding the boppy :) Have a relaxing weekend

Lindsay said...

Love your blog Jennifer. I have a 9week old and am very tired but can't imagine my life without her! Thanks for making everything in my life seem a little more "normal" :)

Emily A. Bailey said...

Jennifer, I have been following your blog since about mid-summer and looove all of your pictures, posts, etc, and it has inspired me to start my blog. Although I'm kind of bad at remembering to do it, I've really been trying, ha. Jillian is a very beautiful little baby and it's sooo funny that her and Emma have a lot of the same clothes. Girls are a joy and I know you're enjoying every minute with her. Such a great mom!

Heather said...

You have definite reason to be tired!!! But you are right--definitely blessed, too!!! :) Enjoy the game! We are SOOOOO hoping for a Razorback win this year against those rebels!

Kelly said...

I'm tired for you! I hope you get lots of rest this weekend and that Jillian has fun at her first game!!!
B&J are sooooooo cute!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

I remember hitting a wall and feeling really tired too. Rest up this weekend while your hubby is home. :)

Erin said...

I am always behind on laundry . . it is never ending!! ugh . . love the pictures and love her little cupcake jammies!! So cute! she sure is growing.

Nancy said...

Going from 1 to 2 is tiring, I remember!! They are both precious & I hope you have a good restful weekend!

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

I forget how much they grow each day when they are this young. Jillian is getting so big already. She is just precious! I havent forgotten about Brody either, he is just as adorable! You and Josh make beautiful babies that's for sure. I hope you can get some rest sometime this weekend. I can only imagine...

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

I am right there with Brody---WAhoo for Friday!! Matt reminded me it was FNO and I had a whole new lease on life! Haha. Lilly seems to have (by the grace of God) avoided the virus but she did break through a new tooth so it has been a looooonnnnnng week at home. Jillian gets cuter by the second!

Thanks again for helping me celebrate my birthday--I went and added a post because I forgot to mention the girl's dinner! I am such a good friend forgetting to mention you guys after you all made me feel so special!

Amanda M. said...

Awww, what cuties!!! Get some rest! :)

Adge said...

have a great weekend and have fun at the game

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog forever now and must say that Jillian is one of THE cutest little girls ever! Soooo sweet!! Also, I sell Scentsy and on November 1st they officially have a Razorbacks warmer now that you can get! Visit my site!

Sarah Wyland said...


Have fun at the game. We've got Alabama here this weekend...

Momofgirls said...

Hang in there! Get a nap when you can, but enjoy these days. They go by so quickly..and
My oldest daughter is a freshman at Liberty University (In VA) and we live in California. :( Wish I could stay up late with her on my lap in the rocking chair one more time!
I LOVE your refreshing and fun! You are a blessing!

Katie said...

Jennifer, I can't believe she is smiling already! Precious.

Those early days and nights are'll make it! One day at a time is what I keep telling myself. ; )

Karen At Home said...

Your babies are just precious! I am so impressed with how you are handling two little ones!!! I would be exhausted. Hope you had a great time at the game.


Whitney said...

Jillian is so beautiful and Brody is awesome!! :)

Alex and Jill said...

I'm amazed that you can keep your eyes open long enough to post pics and blog. But I'm glad you do, because I love seeing pics of those sweet kiddos!

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