Monday, August 9, 2010

Swimming Fun

Last night, our church hosted a family night at our local aquatic center. It was a lot of fun! Brody and I try to go to the aquatic center at least once every couple of weeks so he has become very comfortable swimming there and really enjoys going.
Brody enjoyed having his daddy there to swim with him since he doesn't get to go with us during the week.
Brody's favorite thing there is this slide. He is so cute when he climbs up on his belly. It takes him forever but once he gets up there he is good to go!
Josh helped him up and our friend, Chris, waited at the bottom to help him up. Brody has no fear of the water and doesn't mind going under!
I love watching this cutie play in the water!
I forgot to post pictures of Brody's swim lessons so I thought I would include them on this post since it was about swimming. :)

Brody took lessons at the Swim Ranch a couple of weeks ago. We went every morning for the entire week and each lesson lasted one hour.
The Swim Ranch has been open since 1975. There is a sweet older couple who owns and runs the ranch and it is actually at their home. The husband was a swim coach at the U of A at one time. It's really hard to get into lessons here but once your child is in, they are in for good so Brody (and Jillian) will be able to take lessons there every summer for the next several years. Brody and I on Friday morning. It was the last day of lessons, so I asked Jill to come with us to video and take pictures. The class we were in was a mommy/baby class so I did the lessons with him. Brody and I both loved lessons each day. I wish we could have gone a second week. It was just so much fun to spend that time with him each day. He liked to drink the water. ;) And he loved to splash the water!
Brody got a certificate for completing the class. This is our teacher, Mrs. Virgina. She is so sweet and patient. We enjoyed spending our mornings with her.
Hope you all had a great weekend!


Erin said...

oh looks like he has fun in the water and is a little dare devil!! Loved seeing all the pictures. Glad you enjoyed swimming lessons.

Lauren said...

Okay, I’m cracking up at Brody in that last picture; he does not seem interested in the least bit, HAHA!!! Such a cute place where those swim lessons are held!!

Linds said...

my son drinks the pool water too! At first I was totally grossed out by it, but after several failed attempts to get him to stop, I finally came to the realization that what doesn't kill him makes him stronger... haha!

Amanda M. said...

brody is SO cute!

Casey said...

What do you have to do to get in to the swim lessons? Is there a wait list?

Kimberley said...

what a neat place! i'm in NWA too, where is this located?

Brittany said...

How fun!! He is such a little fish!

bailey said...

that looks like so much fun! and it looks like brody had a blast! i need to find some swimming lessons to take my daughter to. she loves the pool!

Kelly said...

I REALLY REALLY wanted to take a picture with mrs. Virginia but i was too chawed to ask her. I'm so glad you did it!