Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Proof Brody cannot be left alone!!

This morning, I was on my computer and on the phone with Josh explaining to him something I was emailing him to fill out. As we were finishing-up our conversation, I saw Brody run past me with a bag of tortilla chips. He dashed right past where I was sitting and straight into his room! I started laughing and told Josh what he was doing, so we finished our conversation and quickly got off the phone. As I rounded the corner to Brody's room to get the bag of chips, I heard the entire bag being dumped into the floor!! Reason #738 why Brody cannot be left alone, even for a minute!


Cody Sharene said...

Oh, how your Brody reminds me of my Hunter.

Amanda Ledford said...

He is so funny! He makes me so excited for Nicholas to be a big boy!!!

Cameron and Rachel said...

I could see my son doing this. He is too cute.
He was just finding an excuse to get the vacuum out :)

Emily said...

He was hungry!!!

Newlywed and Decorating said...

I give him credit for running quickly and trying at least to be stealthy :) Yummy!

Lindsey Kindy said...

Aww, poor Brobee was hungry. I just noticed how big his feet are! He is getting so big!!

Mary said...

So funny. Amazing isn't it how when you're pregnant you find things like that funny but I'd imagine you were also thinking, "Hey those were perfectly good chips buddy!" Ha

Amanda M. said...

That is absolutely awesome. He is HILARIOUS!!!!!!

Laura said...

Soon, he'll be asking, "Where's the salsa??!!" Hahaha!

Lauren said...


Summer said...

Jennifer that is so funny! LOL Brody and Kelcee would get along great!! :0)

I'm impressed I noticed he was even able to get the clippy thing off the chips and lay it nicely beside him....smart boy :0)

Summer :0)

TheOwenOpus said...
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TheOwenOpus said...

He is so cute! Random, but I was searching for our Halloween costumes and I found a little Hoover vacuum cleaner! It's a homemade costume and it reminded me of little Brody! http://www.coolest-homemade-costumes.com/original-halloween-costumes.html#c1 (about 3/4ths of the way down the page)

Erin said...

oh that is way to cute! I usually know when Alex is up to something . . she is way to quite!

Sarah Wyland said...

Silly little Brody! My little cousin managed to dump and entire thing of baby powder out while his sister and I were watching him. That was fun cleaning up!

Ben and Emily said...

Good thing he likes to vacuum...so he can clean up that mess! ha!

He's adorable!

Sara said...

I guess the good news is it was something easy to clean up.

Sonya said...

At least he didn't get out the queso to go with it!

Heather said...

Haha, too cute! He just wanted some tortilla chips!

Rebekah said...

LOL This is a familiar sight at our house, too!

Tiffany Lockette said...

That is someone who couldn't wait to get his hands on those chips!! Too funny.

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