Monday, August 9, 2010

33 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along:
33 Weeks
Size of baby: 17 inches long and weighs almost 4 lbs. Jillian is the size of a pineapple!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 22lbs
Maternity Clothes: Yes-all maternity clothes except for dresses.
Gender: Girl!
Movement: Yes, she is moving all the time! It's so fun to feel and to see!!
Sleep: I didn't sleep very well this past week! Reflux is in full-force!
Symptoms: Crazy dreams and reflux!
What I miss: Nothing. I really love being pregnant!!
Cravings: Nothing has really sounded good to eat all. I just don't feel like I have much room for food!!
Best Moment this week: We worked on Jillian's room some this weekend. It still doesn't look like we have made a lot of progress but I feel like we have worked on it a lot. :)
What I am looking forward to: My baby shower is this coming weekend! I'm excited to spend that afternoon with our wonderful friends and celebrate our sweet girl!

I wanted y'all to see what shoes I was wearing this evening when Josh took my picture...
My Wellies!!
No, it wasn't raining today. It was 100 degrees and very sunny, but Brody loves for me to wear these around the house during the day! I wear them with my pajamas some mornings or with shorts and tanks during the day. Of course, I don't leave the house in them unless it's raining. He will bring them to me and say, "Shoes! Shoes! Thank you, Brobee!" Haha! I just can't say no when he is so sweet and polite. I did change into my sandals before I left the house this evening. ;)


Todd and Courtney said...

haha I have those shoes!

Brittany said...

You look so cute!! I wonder why Brody likes to see you wear those shoes?! He is such a sweetheart!

Mallory said...

I have those Wellies! :) Congrats on making it another week!

Jessica said...

ahhh that is too cute! Brody is such a doll

Newlywed and Decorating said...

Love the black, white, and yellow! Too cute!

Erin said...

love those boots!!! How cute do you look. Time is flying by I feel :)

Amanda M. said...

you look so great. i love to hear brobee stories. hehe. so cute!

Faith said...

How adorable are you?! You look so pretty in that yellow.

Not too much longer!!!

Lauren said...

Girl, you look AMAZING in yellow and you are rocking those boots!!! :)

Dale Budd said...

Wow, you look terrific, and as beautiful as ever. Brody must be hoping for some rain to cool off the 100 degree temp. He is so adorable, and sweet!

A Mom-Mom in NJ

nicole@ said...

You look great. You are about 3 days a head of me and so much smaller. I look forward to your updates. Love you blog and your family.

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

you look a-dorable!

Miller Family said...

I agree with Nicole. You are a week and a half ahead of me and you are tiny! I am huge! I am having a boy this time so that is my excuse! I have a girl already that is 2 and she is BUSY too!

Anyways, I love reading your blog! You do a great job of keeping it up! Good luck these next few weeks!