Saturday, July 10, 2010


Friday morning, we had playgroup. Jenna and Brayden hosted this week. We had a great time playing, visiting and eating! Some of the kids playing
BraydenMelissa hung outside with some of the kids! Jenna made lunch for us. We had chicken salad croissants, fruit, chips and cookies. She made chicken nuggets and mac and cheese for the kids. It was all so good!
Brody and Lilly eating lunch. They look so big sitting at the table eating.

Last night, we took Brody to FNO and Josh and I went on a date. We tried to get a picture before we left the house but Brody COULD NOT keep his eyes open! It was so funny! First try...
Second try... Third try. Still not working!

I decided I would just one with Josh and Brody and maybe Brody could keep his eyes open if the camera wasn't so close to his face...Still didn't work! Haha! I have no idea what was going on!

We dropped Brody off and then we went to Target to register for some baby things. I have a couple of showers coming up for Jillian. We had a lot of fun picking out sweet, girly things! It's amazing how much less we need this time around since so many things can be reused.
Josh had a great time with the scan gun! :)
After we registered, we went to eat at PF Chang's. It was soooo good! Did y'all know you can go to their website right now and sign-up for a coupon for free lettuce wraps? I saw it on twitter and a couple of coupon blogs so we did that before we went last night. Here is the link in case you want some, too!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!!


Mommyto2 said...

Those pictures are funny. Have you ever watched My Name is Earl? that reminds me of those pictures. Earl could never take a pic with his eyes open. so funny!

Sarah Wyland said...

I'm waiting for my grandparents to get here on their way to Arkansas to take me to a late lunch/early dinner and I'm starving so the picture of the food has me salivating. I want some chicken salad!

Brody is too funny!

Summer said...

Jennifer you are so pretty girl and um I am loving that top you have on! Brown is so your color!! I had to laugh at Josh with the scanner thingy because when I was pregnant with Kelcee Greg was intrigued by it to must be a guy thing! Isn't it fun shopping for girlie things? If you need tips on Matilda Jane clothes or hair bows I'm your girl LOL....I think Kelcee has over 200 bows....eeeek I am a litte ok alot obsessed!

Brody is so stinkin' cute! Thanks for the tip on the Freeze It! My bestie cannot ever get her little boys hair to stay that way and I told her about freeze it and wha la....success....


Emily Richardson said...

Love Josh with the scanner! Whenever we got married, I would get gifts at my shower that I had NO IDEA I had registered for! When I asked were they were from, because it is so cute they said they were off my registry- apparently Josh had snuck off the the gun and registered for some surprise gifts! Ha!

Ps I think I may have found a dresser. Actually, my mother in law did, going to try to get a pic and send it to you!

Melissa said...

What great family photos!

Anonymous said...