Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Small Group Fun!!

We have spent a lot of time the last few days with our small group friends. Wednesday night, our small group cleaned a local homeless shelter during our regular meeting time. We had a great time and we were thankful for the opportunity to serve!

Our group

Helga, Eric and Sarah G.

A few more group members cleaning tables and the kitchen area. This shelter is just a daytime facility. It's not a shelter where people sleep. It's just a place for them to hang out during the day, get a good meal and use phone/internet services for job hunting, etc. Matt and Josh cleaning bathrooms. They did a great job getting the men's bathroom cleaned!

I didn't get a picture of Sarah F. and Sara S. (we have 3 Sarah's in our small group so it gets confusing!) but they cleaned the girls bathroom and did a wonderful job. They were so sweet to let us pregnant girls stay out in the main area and clean where there was more air circulating. Sarah G. and Payne and Me and Jillian....Sarah is due 5 weeks before me.

Friday, we had a play date with some girls from our old small group at Lindsey house. I miss seeing these girls as often as I used to so I love that we have started having a play group this summer because I can see them regularly!
Funny thing about this play group is that every baby but Brody was either right at a year old or younger. They all just crawled or played in one spot. Not Brody. He was all over the house!!! Ha!

Saturday night, our current small group and our old small group had a cookout together and Coleman's house. We had a wonderful time! I think there were 13 couples and 15 kids (all 3 and younger) at the cookout! You can imagine how fun and crazy it was! :)

We spent some time outside playing at the cookout. Adam and Helga bought this old farm house last year. It has been totally remodeled and it is sooooo neat!! They have a huge backyard so there was tons of room for the kids to run and play.

My two cuties playing in the backyard!

Brody decided to play with the girls. He's a smart guy! :)

Meredith pushed the big girls on the tire swing in the backyard!

Taking a break to get a drink! It was soooo hot outside! Brody and Owen decided to play a game of croquet.Beckham decided to play inside where it was cooler! Smart boy!

Some pictures of everyone eating in the kitchen. Their kitchen looks straight out of Pottery Barn. It is so pretty and perfect for entertaining! Brody and I after our fun afternoon with friends!


Emily said...

Looks like so much fun!

Lincoln has the same blue with stripes shirt! I love it!

Where did you get his little flip flops at? I've been looking for some for Lincoln, but can't find any I really like.

Lauren Kelly said...

Soooo fun!!!!! And what a great way to serve by cleaning the homeless shelter!!! :)

Mary Kate said...

Looks like fun times!!!

i saw josh's shirt said Fitzhugh Comm....Is that as in Jason Fitzhugh?? If so, I went to school with him...do you guys know him?? I haven't seen him in so long! anyways, just curious!

you are looking good little mama!!!

The Ballantynes said...

Hi! What kind of product do you use in Brody's hair for his faux-hawk. He is way too cute! I love to do that to my son's hair as well, so I am just curious.

Jessica said...

Jenn... I think that is the same shelter I serve meals at on occasion... is it in Fayetteville by O'Reilleys and Walgreens?

Erin said...

how cute . . you are lucky to be so involved and to have such close friends with a lot of babies for play dates :)

Amanda M. said...

What WONDERFUL service!

Your little Brody is getting so big and is SO cute!!

Abbie said...

What a fabulous way to give back! (Btw, I sent you an e-mail...)

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