Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our Weekend

We had a great weekend full of lots of fun activities!
Friday morning, Brody and I met our play group at Chick-Fil-A for a little outdoor playtime. It was hot as blazes but we had a great time visiting while the kids played! Brody loves playing with Stella and Lilly. These 3 were all born within a 3 week period so they play really well together. Our other friends, Caedmon and Brayden were there along with Lilly's brother Reid. It's crazy fun when we all get together! Friday night, Josh and I went to a cookout at the Rowe's house with our old small group. We had a great night visiting with sweet friends. I laughed when I got home and thought about all the funny things we talked about together. I am so thankful for each of these couples and I am SO glad they still let us crash their fellowships, even though we are in a different small group now. :)
Saturday morning, I got up and got ready for a baby shower for my friend, Holly. She is having a precious baby girl in August. I wish so badly that I had taken pictures at her shower. You cannot imagine all the cuteness at that shower. Holly has an insanely talented family. One of her sisters crochets and her sister in law sews and embroiders so you can only imagine all the adorable things they had made for baby Taylor. I left that shower soooo excited about all things girly and pink!! :)
Brody was still in his pajamas when I left for the shower! He had a fun time with his daddy while I was gone.
Once I got home, Josh started taking the guest bedroom apart so that we can start working on Jillian's nursery. Her crib came in on Friday so we thought it was about time to get moving on that room! :) I think we are planning on getting the crib one night this week. I cannot wait to see it!
That afternoon, the 3 of us went to work at Razorback Relief! We had a great time and we were actually there when they broke the world record of 1.2 million meals! It was so fun! We took Brody with us to "help." He was wonderful and just sat in the stroller for 2 hours and watched everyone around him. I love that even at this age he is learning what it means to serve others. We sported hairnets while we worked. :)
Our table was so fun! There were 3 other couples that were at our table with us. None of us knew each other but we had such a great time visiting and working. Our table made 23 boxes in just a little over 2 hours. That's 4,968 meals for the people of Haiti! My job was to seal the bags of food after they had been filled. Josh's job was to box the meals and tape the boxes.
After we left RR, we went to eat pizza. We tried a place we had never been before and it was sooo good! I love little hole in the wall restaurants. They always have the best food!
Brody loved the food, too!
We got home and I decided I needed some dessert so I made s'mores. I have been making them in the oven with the broiler. They are super fast and easy that way.
Sunday morning we went to church. It was our turn to work in the nursery. We actually had 3 year olds so we were very busy but very entertained all morning. There were 11 kids in our class and 9 of them were boys! ;)
Our little cutie on the way out the door to church!
After church, we went to a lunch baby shower at Jason's Deli for Katie, Jason and baby Colson. I didn't take any pictures but they were given so many wonderful things for Colson. We cannot wait to meet him in a few short weeks!
After the shower I went and bought groceries and then came home and took a nap! This busy weekend made me a little tired. ;)
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!


Sarah said...

Brody is seriously such a cutie! The first pic of you two is such a good one!! I was amazed when I heard on the news last night about how many meals were made at RR! Great job! Hope y'all enjoy your week!!

Lauren Kelly said...

Seriously, could Brody get any cuter???

Looks like a busy but great weekend!! :)

Erin said...

ok brody is so cute can not wait to see what little Jillian will look like. You sure go to lots of showers and things :)

Sounds like a fun filled weekend!!!

Pregnancy suits you well . . you look prettier and prettier in every picture I see!

Kelly said...

Your weekend makes me tired! Brody is SO good. No way H would have sat in a stroller that long while we worked. ha!
We had babies this morning and they were so cute but they all cried at once and I'm pretty sure Scott was done with having kids after that. ha! Actually he held the cutest little boy the entire time and it made my heart melt and wish for a boy!

Rachel said...

I never even thought of making smores in the broiler but I am totally gonna try now!!! I guess it just takes a few minutes huh?

Julee Turner said...

That last picture of Brody is so dang cute! He looks so big!

Katie said...

Jennifer ~ I am still laughing at our conversations Friday night, too! Hey, I guess we know we can talk about anything together, right?

You, Josh, and Brody can "crash" our fellowships and parties anytime!

Good to see you so much this weekend. ; ) I'm loving your Jillian bump.

Alex and Jill said...

That's how I make smores too!! It's great because you can have them year round - no campfire needed! :)

Looks like a busy, fun weekend!

Amber said...

i came across your blog from kelly's korner. just had to say that i have a little 2.5 year old named caedmon and his best friend (ok my bff's little boy) is braydon!! don't hear "caedmon" very often, so it was crazy to see both names together! your little boy is so cute!

lane, kelli, canon, and baby ledger said...

Hi Jennifer!! I've been a lurker for some time now, but just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading about your sweet little family. Silly question...What hair product do you use on Brody's hair?? My son sports a faux hawk too, and we have had trouble keeping it up more than an hour with the awful humidity this summer. Congrats on your precious little the name!!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

I love the servant's heart I see in you and Josh...such a wonderful thing for you to model for your children! Brody is so good to sit in his stroller...that would NEVER happen with Dillan. :)

Anonymous said...


Fran said...

Love the Razorback Relief! AWESOME!

And the smores look divine. They are one of my most favorites!!!

Sara said...

What a busy weekend. I am tired just reading all of it. Ha!

Just wondering which pizza place you tired? We are always trying to find new places to eat around here and pizza is one of our faves.

Michelle said...

We were at the Razorback relief thing at the same time! I could have sworn I saw Brody, but wasn't sure if that was him. Next time I will introduce myself, I just didn't want to be one of those creepy blog stalkers!

Resisting Perfection said...

That picture of Brody with the spoon in his mouth is hilarious! That's how we make smores too, they turn out really well and it's fast and easy.

Anonymous said...

New reader of your blog- love it! You are basically the cutest pregnant girl ever!
I love the idea of smores in the oven....they are my fav!