Friday, April 16, 2010

18 Month Appointment

Yesterday afternoon, I took our big boy for his 18 month appointment. How in the world is he already 18 months old? The appointment went really well. I love being reassured that we are doing a good job as parents. I need that encouragement every once in a while. :)
(He was running out the door to the appointment!)

Brody has really grown over the last 6 months.
Here are his stats:
Weight: 27lbs 10oz-75th percentile (He gained 10 oz since his allergy appt last week! Ha!)
Height: 34 inches-95th percentile!!
Head circ: 19.2 inches- 75th percentile

Brody's doctor could not believe how big he was. He said Brody is a big, thick boy! We laughed when we looked over his growth chart from the past 18 months. Brody was in the 5th percentile for weight until his 9 month appointment when he finally went to about 30-40th percentile. He has always been average height as well until now. I can't believe we are finally on the upper parts of the growth chart. :) It's funny that he is so big because he isn't a big eater. Some days he will only eat a meal or two and just refuses the rest of his food. I cannot imagine how big he would be if he ate a lot! He doesn't eat meat except for an occasional chicken nugget, but that's hard to get him to eat sometimes. I know weird, huh? We love meat so I'm not sure why our child is vegan! Haha! Can you imagine how much he would weigh if he liked meat? He only will eat cheese, fruits, crackers and breads. Our doctor told me not to worry and suggested a few tricks to get Brody some extra protein. He said at this point he is getting plenty of protein from cheese and milk.
I didn't know Brody was getting shots yesterday though. Three of them to be exact. I think it is worse now when I take him for shots then when he was a little baby. He understands now what is going on and it breaks his heart and mine as well. They made me hold him down against the table today and he was looking up at me like, "This is a fun game, Mom!" Then, the nurses started sticking his little legs and he looked right at me like I was a traitor. My heart just broke. I had tears in my eyes, too. I always cry on shot days. Always. At least now I wait until the nurses leave the room. At his 2 month appointment he and I were both just sobbing before they even left the room! Haha! I got him to stop crying by showing him the flashy, silver band-aids on each of his legs. He saw them and said, "Ohhhh!" And so the band-aid obsession begins. Didn't we all love band-aids at one point in our childhood?After we left the doctor's office, I did what only seemed right after shots...I took him to get ice cream! I felt like I deserved ice cream, too, for having to hold him down on the table. :) My parents always did the same thing for us after shots so it's just a habit now. I love a good habit! Julee met us there while she was on a break. I think Brody enjoyed looking at college girls out the window more than he did eating ice cream. His sibling and I ate all of the ice cream instead. :)

I am so thankful for days like yesterday. I'm thankful I'm a mom to a precious little boy who is perfectly healthy and only has to go to the doctor for check-ups and minor things. I'm thankful I get to spend every single day at home with him. I'm thankful my "job" is to do things like take him to doctor's appointments and to get ice cream. I am so blessed!

Happy Friday!!


Mallory said...

I was going to comment yesterday how much Brody has grown lately, but it was obvious after his appointment. You are so lucky to have a gorgeous, healthy boy! I just love his sweet face!

The Allens said...

I feel the same way! And Aaron won't eat meat, either. He eats a lot of beans and he'll eat eggs sometimes, but he pretty much avoids meat. Turkey he likes. NO chicken. No fish. Very rarely some beef. LOVES his fruit, loves fresh veggies...

Rachel Bell said...

haha LOVE the picture of him rolling up the table paper!! :)

waikikimum said...

Jennifer Brody is the cutest. My youngest child had a lot of health issues and spent a great deal of time in hospital from birth to 3 1/2 years of age. It would break my heart when she gave me that look of "why are you letting them do this to me?" I too would always cry when they had their needles!!!Needless to say they get over it before we do ha!!! Love your blog.Kathy

Sarah Wyland said...

Poor thing with the shots! My treat was always soft serve ice cream from a local diner. My brother and sister get it now too. My dad said one of his worst memories is having to hold me down when I was 3 to get stitches after a dog bite, said he felt like the worse parent in the world because of how much I was fighting him.

Glad you and Brody's new sibling enjoyed the ice cream.

Karen said...

Could Brody be any cuter? I cry at shot visits also - it's so hard. I was wondering if Brody eats yogurt? I buy the tubes (Yoplait has a new simple ingredient one out)and freeze them. I push up about one inch at a time and there is very little mess. Meat at this age is about texture. My Kate is almost two and is still only eating chicken. Have a great weekend!

Alex and Jill said...

I just love his hair and I love the pic of him sitting there 'reading' a cute.

And I must be an emotional wreck today, because I started crying reading about his shots and looking at his sweet face crying! I just thought it was hard taking Amelia now...can't imagine when she's old enough to talk. :(

Alex and Ashley said...

Brody is too cute! What do you put in his hair? Do you wet it first? I have a three year old and he loves his hair after they gel it at the barber but I always forget to ask.

beth said...

I never comment, but I had to today. I took our little girl to the doctor today (they think it may be a reaction to chicken pox vaccine), and I was just thinking the same thing - How very blessed I am that this is my job. I am SO very thankful that I get to be with her all day - even on the days I feel a little crazy :)

I think ice cream after shots is a good habit, too!!

Kari Beth said...

oh, he is so precious jennifer! i can't believe how big he has gotten.

Cara Beth said...

awwe, that is just a pitiful face. poor little baby boy. I just want to hug him. I'm sure you gave him plenty of hugs!

Trumbo Family said...

Hey! What dollar store did you get those baskets from? I want to do matching ones in my playroom bookshelf.

Kelly said...

Shots are not fun! My son just had his four year check up and he is 95% in height and 75% in weight! We got a toy at Target and popcorn and an icee after his shots and finger prick! It was traumatic...for all involved.

Lauren Kelly said...

Poor guy!!!!! But at least he and momma got a little reward afterwards. It's sweet though the way you savor these moments, whether it just be taking him to a doctors appt. or going out for ice cream!!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

Hey Jennifer!

I've been catching up on your blog! I love the marshmallow story! Something like that happened to us this week only it was medicine! Luckily, Annabelle is ok! Anyway, Brody is so cute! I love his hair!

Laurie said...

Poor baby!!!! You know it's bad when he has Auntie Jill's square mouth cry! Love that boy...and his parents! I'm jealous about ice cream though ;-)

Robyn Beele said...

I hate shots too and they do get worse the older they get. He deserved that ice cream and you did too!

Colleen said...

Brody is adorable! I am coming over from Kelly's Korner. Love the pic of his spiked up hair!

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