Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Night Our Cars Were Towed

Let me preface my story by saying I never raised my voice at the man. And I know I parked illegally. I just feel like I need to clear the air before I tell my story. :)

Josh was meeting with a few guys at church for a discipleship thing and my dad was studying for school, so my mom, Brody and I decided to go to Q'Doba for dollar taco night. It's a super great deal and we love to go. I met mom in a parking lot that we always park in when we go to Q'doba and I go there almost weekly. I have been going there weekly for 2 years and never once have I had the experience I did last night.

Yes, there are 2 large signs in the parking lot that tell you not to park there unless you are a customer of the gym, the bookstore, or the laundry mat. People do it daily...probably hourly. And honestly, I would guess 80-90% of the cars in that parking lot do not belong to someone at one of those places. Seriously, how would they ever know that you weren't at one of those 3 places? The answer is they wouldn't unless someone called the tow company and told them. Oh yes, it happened to us last night.

Mom and I went in to eat and about 45 minutes later we walked out to the spots where our cars should have been but our cars were not there. I thought I was having a mom moment or even a blond moment so I looked around thinking maybe I forgot where I parked, but oh no, I was where I parked but my car was not! Oddly, the cars that were on either side of my mom and I and the one in between us were all there. Actually, the entire lot was full of cars and just 2 cars were missing. My car and her car.

What's a girl to do? I called Josh, who was with his group at church. He didn't answer the first time, so I immediately called back. That's the universal sign for "we have a problem" if I call over and over. The second time I called he answered in a whisper voice. I started crying telling him what happened. He was just sooo sweet. He is always sweet but I love that in stressful situations, he is so calm and level headed. I, on the other hand, am not. He told me he would leave church and call the towing company. Their number was posted in the parking lot. He told me not to worry at all, that we would have the cars back in no time and that it wasn't anything to worry or be upset about. Thanks goodness for him saving the day.

A few minutes later he called me back and told me the man who towed our cars said an employee at the gym watched my mom and I park and walk away from our cars into the restaurant and then called and had our cars towed. To top it off, he only had 2 cars towed in the entire lot. Can you guess whose they were???

Really? There were a a ton of people parked there that were eating in the restaurant with us and he had us towed. What do you think I did? I marched my little self over to the gym to talk to the man who had us towed. He picked a bad day to mess with me because I was hormonal. You know that feeling?

I walked into the gym and was greeted by some little sorority girl. Oh my word. I know I was a college sorority girl not that long ago, but for the love of everything good. If she told me one more time that I parked illegally, I was about to jump the counter. I told her that the tow guy told us someone from the gym had us towed and the random guy who was cleaning the gym equipment told me it was him. He said he watched us parked and waited for us to walk in and then he called on us. Then, he topped it off by saying that he couldn't have any of the other cars towed because he didn't watch them walk in, but since he watched us he just had our 2 cars towed. I looked out in the parking lot and counted 33 cars. There were 4 people in the gym so 29 cars were illegally parked and he had 2 towed. 2 cars.

Here's the deal. If every illegally parked car in the parking lot was towed then I wouldn't have been complaining. I know we parked illegally. And if we all had been towed then we all deserved it. That wasn't the issue. But we were the only two people he picked on. While I was talking to him, I watched 6 more cars park illegally and so did he, but he didn't call on a single one of them. Is anyone else seeing the problem here?

I basically told him in as calm of a voice as I could exactly what I felt about the situation. I didn't chew him out, but I told him how ridiculous it was that his idea of "enforcing the parking rules" was to have two females' cars towed, and one of them had a baby. He just looked at me. And little sorority girl kept saying, "But you parked illegally!" Oh my word sorority girl. Go tease your hair.

I asked him why he didn't just come ask us to move if he watched us park and he said that people have cussed him out for doing that so now he just has cars towed. Super.

I then thanked him for causing me to have no way to legally go get my car since we only have one convertible car seat and it was towed away. I thanked him for turning dollar taco night into $272 taco night. I thanked him that my son was sitting in poop because his diaper bag was towed away. I thanked him for choosing to pick out 2 woman and have their cars towed when I watched at least 10 different men park in the parking lot at the same time as us.

And then we left. Got our cars. The only two cars at the towing place. And paid $0 to get them back. Thank you, Lord.
I will never park in that parking lot again.


Sarah said...

Oh, girl that would have made me mad too! I know right where that is and I am with ya- when I went to school at U of A people parked illegally there (and probably all around that entire area all the time)! I'd have been mad that I was singled out too. The same thing happened to my brother a couple of years ago - his was the only car towed out of an entire lot! I'm glad you got some words in to that rude guy and that you got the cars back for $0!!

Hillary said...

Ok, the whole situation was terrible but I laughed out loud at "Go tease your hair."

Lauren Kelly said...

Oh my goodness.... that teasing comment made me laugh!!!

You poor things!!!!!

Thankfully you didn't have to pay to get them back!!!! And I surely don't blame you for not wanting to park in that spot again!!!

Maybe you're next taco night will be less eventful, ha!!

Kimberly said...

He should have known not to mess with a hormonal woman!! glad you didn't have to pay!!!

Mallory said...

OHHHH my word! I would have been ticked!!!!!! I'm not sure I could have kept as good of composure as you did! Glad you didn't have to pay anything! Love the "go tease your hair" party!!

katie beth said...

Oh my goodness. That is terrible!

Last year I was taking a tennis class at a University without very many parking lots. I usually parked in a back parking lot (that is never full) for a strip mall with about 7 shops in it across from the U for about 1 hour while I was in class. One of the shop owners watched me get out with my racket and head to the U. He left a very rude note on my car about how he would have me towed the next time I did that, but I was irritated because he didn't know that I didn't go to eat at the strip mall every day when tennis got out. And my car didn't even get towed.

So I cannot imagine how frustrated I would have been had I been in your situation. Sounds like you handled yourself very well.

Sonya said...

You probably handled it better than I would have! It's ridiculous that they chose the two of you but watched PLENTY of other people do the same thing and did nothing! You'd think they'd at least give an additional warning before they did it. Glad it didn't cost you anything though!

Aishlea and Brandon said...

That is awful! I would not have been as nice as you were, I'm afraid. I'm glad you didn't have to pay to get the cars back!

What a jerk he was!!

Kara said...

That is so ridiculous. We went to the Christmas parade on Dickson a few years ago and parked in our own church parking lot and got towed. The parking lines were really faded and what I thought was a spot was not a spot. So we had to call the preacher and have him call the towing company to tell him that was our church and to let it slide. SO UNCALLED FOR! Who tows people out of a church parking lot during a Christmas parade?!!? All kinds of ridiculous going on downtown. I am really sorry. That towing area is scary, too.

Susy said...

Oh my goodness, I am cracking up right now! You are right...if they are going to enforce the rules, they need to enforce them for everyone!
Also, I've been reading your blog for about a month (yes, I read all of your old posts because I am crazy and I need the "whole story"), and it is just lovely! You are always so positive, and it's so uplifting!

Julee Turner said...

I am still mad for you! I wouldn't have been near as nice as you were! He was a jerk! Sorry you had to go through that and it ruined dollar taco night! I am also a little glad I didn't end up coming with yall now! HAHA! :)

Todd and Courtney said...

I would have been on fire! You should call the gym headquarters if it's a franchise or ask to speak to a manager there. Just the fact that you saw people park and go in the restaurant AND that you had a baby AND that he on purpose picked the 2 of you....I would soooo not be finished with that situation :)

Jill said...

Oh what I would pay to have been there. Thankfully I was not, we all know I can not keep my mouth shut and tht girl and boy at the gym would not like me very much after I was done. :) Next time call me!!

Courtney said...

Oh my goodness. What a awful guy to have a mother, grandmother and babys car towed. Really that is just low. I think my favorite part of the story was go tease your hair(I laughed outloud)

Sarah Wyland said...

Oh that is just ridiculous! Two women and a baby for crying out loud! Did he think y'all were going to go into the restaurant and have yourselves a grand 'ol time on margaritas and coronoas while your little guy sat there working his way through the kids menu? He cold have given you a few minutes!

I did laugh at the 'go tease your hair' part however. :)

UT has a whole army devoted to giving out parking tickets and let me tell you, they take their job VERY seriously. Almost as serious as the bank's parking lot guard who keeps people from parking in the HUGE lot between them and Chili's during business hours.

Summer said...

OMG that situation was terrible! I can't believe he like only had two cars towed and everyone else could just park there....and then he called on you guys and you had a baby! Oh I would have so went in there too but I don't think I would have been as nice! He sounds like a total jerk!

I am glad your hubs came to the rescue and you didn't have to pay for towing!

I just spewed out my drink when you said come on little sorority girl go tease your hair LOL...

Shelley said...

I also laughed at the "go tease your hair" comment! At first I thought you were towed for snow because that is what is going on in Milwaukee - snow emergency, so you can't park anywhere!

I am glad to hear that you are not having another snowstorm in Arkansas!

I feel ya on the whole "fairness" thing. I worked somewhere here, a Subway, that was part of a mini-mallish complex that had signs posted all over "for customers only". Well, like your lot, at least half of the cars there were cars of people somewhere other than Subway, the CD store, nail salon or Walgreens. My boss saw a young woman pull up, get out and go across to the Kinkos (not part of the complex). He called parking enforcement and had her ticketed and then left her a note saying "next time I will have you towed!". Seriously? I was so upset with him over it. That and other things, I left that job! The lady did just what you did. She came in and confronted him. I supported her!

This got long. Have a great day!

bailey said...

Wow! I would have been furious! I probably would have screamed at the guy. I don't see how you stayed so calm. It just blows me away that he picked you and your mom's cars to be towed. And you had Brody with you! If I lived closer, I would go up there and chew him out! People these days!!!

Jennifer said...

I would be complaining to the owner. You had a BABY with you for gosh's sake! It's ridiculous for them to call on anyone if they're not going to tow everyone. Like you said, there were way more cars in the parking lot thank people working out and you actually witnessed people parking while you were in there and he didn't call on them...yes there are rule but there's also something called COMMON DECENCY. If I lived in your town I would totally be complaining on your behalf!

Annie said...

So very proud of you for composing yourself and holding it together....BUT, you have got to be kidding me?! What kind of boy would do that to 2 LADIES and a BABY!! That is just absurd. He WATCHED you walk in and then called?!? SERIOUSLY…if it is that big of an issue, walk out and politely as you to move, no prob! I probably would have gone nuts on the kid. How could he sleep at night doing that to you girls?! Ha.

On another note..I LOVE Qdoba. Yum.

Taylor said...

Oh my word, bless your heart! That is horrible, and I probably would have done the very same thing! And I loved the teasing comment...too funny!! Glad you have your vehicles back!

Jenny said...

Oh my. I am so proud that you did not raise your voice. I know that I would have done that in a second. I am laughing out loud at go tease your hair. ha Too funny.
Oh I am so glad that you were able to get your vehicles back!

Brei said...

"Go tease your hair"? Girl, you crack me up. I hate when people are inconsistent with rule enforcement! So sorry that happened like it did!

Kelly said...

Jennifer - you make me laugh so hard!!!!! I'm sorry about that but I'm glad you got the cars back for free! ha!

Mary said...

"Oh my word sorority girl, go tease your hair."

That's now my favorite line.

Thanks for the laugh! And of course I'm glad it all worked out. I just can't get past the go tease your hair comment.

Makes me so happy.

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Jennifer--Matt and I went to Q-doba last night (for the $ tacos) and parked in that exact same lot right in front of the book store!! Thank God you didn't have to pay and good for you for talking to that jack!!!

Amanda M. said...

OH my word. Jennifer, you handled that SO much better than I'd have.
The story was hilarious, but I have to honestly say that if I'd been in the situation.....
well, possibly more than one cuss word and maybe a dirty diaper might have been thrown (by me) at that the illegally-parked-care-reporter. Grrr.
I am SO glad you didn't get have to pay!!!

rae said...

Oh my goodness that is awful! I cannot imagine! But I do have to made me laugh! I would definitely be calling the manager.

Sara said...

So sorry about your night! I had my car towed once at college in a lot that, just like yours, said no parking but of course everyone parked in. I was one of the only ones towed and their reasoning for not towing more was they realized after the first few it would just be a hassle to them to call on them all day long! Great - I was punished for having an early class and actually going to it! Ha!

Glad you did not have to pay and hopefully he realized it was not the best thing to just pick out certain people.

Amy said...

go tease your hair...priceless!
i was seriously gasping while reading this and just kept saying aloud, "NOOOOOOOO!" I can't believe it - good for you for taking a stand! =)

Crystal said...

I would have been mad too, but I'm glad you got them back for free! How did you do that?

That happen to me and my hubby one night when we went to visit friends and road with them to dinner. We came back to their apartment and our car was gone. Apparently you have to have a sticker to park in the parking lot and we were not the only ones without a sticker!!!

Cari Leigh said...

Oh, what a nightmare! I really dislike people like that. Can't people just be nice??

Linds said...

people in Fayetteville are so snobby about stuff like that. What a terd! And your comment about the sorority girl teasing her hair? Hilarious! I would taken my sons diaper off and left it on their door step.

Mary said...

first of all- are you pregnant?! LOL...the only time i would have enough guts to acutally talk to the person who had me towed would be while pregnant! sorry you had a rough night! but you did make me LOL at "go tease your hair!"

The Turner Family said...

Go tease your hair-super funny!

I used to park there to go to class. I would be angry that they singled me out. I've had people tell me I can't park there and I just told them if you have me towed I'll know-never been towed once. :)

Brittany said...

You go girl!! Do you think you could write a letter to the city paper explaining the situation? The gym would totally get some bad rep then and so would the guy!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

I agree - write a letter. You are right - it was illegal but HE was WRONG because he singled you out. Doesn't he know not to mess with a mommy with a baby on a cold night? You handled it so much better than me. Get your pen ready and start writing the paper - the gym sounds pretty bad if only 4 people were in there too. Hope you had a better day today.

Jenna said...

That was one of the funniest posts I've read in a long time, though I hate to laugh at your expense! But oh my word, Go tease your hair was hil-ar-ious!

Faith said...

Oh my word, what a nightmare! I'm so sorry that y'all had to deal with all of that, but I'm thankful that your sweet husband came to the rescue and everything worked out!

Brittney said...

How terrible! I park there all the time to run errands and eat out on Dickson. I never will again.

Good for you for standing up to the man.

My favorite line was "Oh my word sorority girl. Go tease your hair." I teach a freshmen speech class at U of A for my assistantship, and somedays, I feel like saying this very thing to some of my girl students who play dumb and get all attitude-y. I know the feeling.

Lindsay said...

Oh my word, my blood pressure is up just reading this! I can imagine your frustration! I had a somewhat similar situation a few weekends ago when a mother told me I was not allowed to let my son play on the PUBLIC PLAYGROUND because they were having a birthday party there that day. Man sometimes it's hard to keep did good not to tackle the sorority girl!

Silvy said...

that is the funniest post i've read in a long time. i hate parking in fayetteville and that guy sounds like an absolute jerk! i would've asked for the guy's name and called the owner of the gym to tell him the story. and i would have posted the name of the gym and told no one to go there. you are nicer than me :).

morgan823 said...

I'm so glad you got your cars back and I'm so glad you told the man everything you did. Your comment about the girl made me laugh so hard! I would have said the same thing! :)

The Lambert's said... made me laugh! You go girl for putting that little cleaning guy in his place and little sorority girl, too! Hopefully he won't take it upon himself to pick on women with a baby to go eat tacos anymore. Sorry it was at your expense :(

The Gleasons said...

I love keeping up with your little fam and have never left a comment, but this day I just had to. :) I hate that happened to you, but you made me laugh out loud. Too funny.


Holly said...

I really shouldn't get so mad over something that didn't happen to me and has absolutely nothing to do with me, but I am sitting at my desk just LIVID right now! I am just so happy to hear that you didn't just leave and at least went and (nicely) said your peace. Good for you! And I hope you told sorority girl off (nicely). ;-)

Twinkletoes said...

I am so sorry this happened to you. I can't believe it was over a parking spot. Seriously? The people are going to a gym - why would they need a close spot? Next think you know, they will be asking for pregnancy tests when you park in the maternity spots at Babies R Us.
I am glad it worked out for you with no fee - but if push came to shove, I have to wonder if the "no parking here" signs are even legitimate with the state in which you reside. I mean, anyone can put up a sign, but enforcing it is a whole different ballgame.

Alex and Jill said...

I'm late in reading this post, but man did it make me laugh out loud!! There are so many awesome lines in this post. I think my favorites are "Oh my word sorority girl. Go tease your hair" and "I thanked him for turning dollar taco night into $272 taco night." AWESOME post! LOL

Once upon a time with the U's said...

Sorry the cars got towed! You are too funny with the tease your hair comment! Love it! Good for you though for telling that guy what a jerk he is!

Sara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

This is CLASSIC!! Girl, I am impressed with your ability to bite your tongue...that SO would have ticked me off, too! We are JUST alike though in that I definitely would've marched in there to give them a piece of my mind....sounds like you did it in a very nice way though, so kudos to you! I can't stop laughing at the go tease your hair are hilarious!! Glad you didn't have to pay in the end though. :)

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