Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vinyl Signs

Some of you asked where I found the vinyl wall signs. All of the pictures were off of Etsy. Just search "monogrammed wall decals" and about a million should pull up and you will understand why I was completely overwhelmed. :)

I have a big "to do list" today that I am hoping to accomplish so I better get going. ;)

Hope you all have a great day!


Summer said...

I heart Etsy.... I am a little, um alot addicted to it :0)

Good luck on your to do list....

Summer :0)

MegMac said...

I've visited Etsy but never ordered before. I'm pretty sure I would turn into an addict as well. Good luck with your "to-do" list today. Mine is fairly lengthy as well.

Hattie said...

I try to stay away from Etsy. Only b/c I would put us in the poor house. Everything on there I want!

Jennafer said...


I have a question!!! How are you going to put the decal on the canvas???? I love this idea and if you dont mind i am going to use the idea too.

here is my email:

by the way i just love reading you blog.


The Dorns said...

By the way you can stick the vinyl sticker to your textured wall. We have a quote over our bed and our wall is very textured.

Just make sure you use a credit card to really go over it. Pull slowly using her CC on the other in case it starts sticking and you can do it. Once its on the wall it wont come off at all.

prashant said...

. I am a little, um alot addicted to it

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