Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Last night, my mom, sister and I decided we would go bowling. It was really random, but it sounded like a fun idea, so we met at the bowling alley after Jill and my mom got off of work.

The bowling alley up here is fairly new and it pretty big! We had planned on just bowling on the regular lanes but the guy at the desk was SO persistent that we do the Cosmic Bowling and even told us he would let us have 2 games for the price of one if we agreed to do it, so we did! We still can't figure out why he was so pushy, but we were happy about a free game.

These pictures aren't that good because the Cosmic bowling room is really dark, but it did have some nice comfy couches to sit on instead of those uncomfortable spinning chairs at most places.

We are the worst bowlers in the history of recreational bowling. I talked a big talk when we got there because I had taken bowling in college as a class. Yes, I know. Bowling is actually on my college transcript. I am sure it will be impressive during an interview one day. While in this class, we had to bowl 4 games a week, so I got decent at bowling. My score last night did not reflect a semester of bowling. It was ridiculous.

The order is Mom, Jill, and me. I won with a 179, but that was 2 games COMBINED!

What was even more ridiculous than my score? The way I was dressed. Check out this picture.
I didn't think about the fact that I had on brown footless leggings and cream colored socks with my boots. Of course, you couldn't see it in my boots, but it was rather obvious when I was bowling. Jill almost stopped breathing she was laughing so hard.

After we bowled, we went to eat dinner.

We had such a fun night! We all want to do it again soon!

When I got home, I found a cute little superhero at my house! We found these sweet pajamas at the Carter's outlet in Branson this weekend so, of course, we had to buy them. I took Brody to the doctor yesterday and he did have a little bit of an ear infection so we have some amoxicillin to give him. The doctor also said he was wheezing every few breaths when she listened to his chest so he has an inhaler that we are using until Thursday to clear up his chest a little. Super fun appointment. I'm glad I took him. He just isn't one of those fussy babies so I didn't even know if he was sick but I knew he kept rubbing his ear so I am glad we had it checked.

Have a great afternoon!


Mary said...

riley has those same pj's except we got them at kohls...too cute!

Amanda M. said...

ha! I LOVE those pjs! especially the "boot" part! TOO cute!

A. Hilborn said...

Those are the cutest pj's I have EVER seen. He looks like such a little man with his belt and boots!

Cassie said...

I love Brody's PJ's...too cute! I want a pair for my son now. I have been meaning to get to Branson to go to Carter's to see what new things they have!

The Wife said...

I love his pjs.

Jenna said...

I think Brody and B have the same thing...we were back at the doctor today for the third time! Ugh. Bowling is so fun! Have you been to the new fast lanes? It's great! You can eat there too, and the food is actually pretty good!

Mommarazzi said...

I LOVE Carter's! I could spend hours in there!!

Julee Turner said...

I am laughing out loud at your tights/socks/bowling shoes!! ahahaha!!! Wish I could have been there!

Mary Lynn said...

Bowling is on my college transcript too! along with tennis, badminton and fencing! :-)

Summer said...

LOL about your tights/socks/bowling shoes....That sooo sounds like something I would do :0)
I haven't been bowling in forever and those shoes just took me way back LOL!

What a cute super hero you have :0)

I'm glad Brody is on the road to recovery

Mary said...

PJ's are too cute-I took a bowling class in college too-it was an 8 o'clock class???? I also took tennis, which I was sure I'd do well in since I'd played in high school. I got a B one semester and a C another semester. I still don't know what happened. :)

Kelly said...

You and your mom and Jill are SO cute! What a fun girls night!!!
The leggings thing is so something I would do. I've been embarrassed several times this year when I went shoe shopping and forgot I had on athletic socks with leggings under my boots. Pitiful.

Hattie said...

It looked like y'all had fun bowling. Love Brody's PJs, so cute. I hope he feels better. Ear infections are a pain.

Adge said...

I haven't went bowling in years

Levi's Mommy said...

I, too, have bowling on my college transcript from Ouachita! Oh, the days! I'm a college friend of Kelly S. and have been following your blog through hers! I also know Jill's boyfriend, Brandon - he was in our youth group when my husband was on staff at FBC Van Buren - great family! I have a son who is 16 months - aren't these boys a mess! Enjoying reading your site. Have a great day!

Brittney said...

Who knew OBU offered bowling? I took aerobics twice while there! I figured if I was gonna work out...I might as well get an A for it!

Sara said...

Jennifer -

I have been reading your blog for a while and have enjoyed seeing your family and reading about all the fun things you are up to. I thought I would finally leave a comment. I never took bowling in college although it was offered with achery (nice combo! Ha). I also have forgotten and worn some bad looking socks under boots! As I write this I am realizing I have on brown tights with black socks over them with my boots - lets hope I don't have to take them off until I get home.

Megan said...

Seriously cracking up about the tights with bowling shoes. Would I do that? Um YES!

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

And I always thought that I am one of the worst bowlers in the history of recreational bowling! Thanks a ton for setting the record straight:) I am so glad that I have company!

prashant said...

especially the "boot" part! TOO cute!

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