Monday, December 14, 2009

Busy Sunday

We spent the weekend in Benton at Josh's parent's house. We had a great weekend, but yesterday was super busy!
It started with us going to church at my home church. Josh's parents are members of another church in town and Josh grew-up at that church, so that is where we go to church when we go to Benton. I had not been to my home church on a Sunday in over two years. I was sooooo glad to get to go back and see our friends.

Brody went to the nursery and did really well. When I went back to get him, my friend Laurie, who is the Preschool/Children's minister, had him out of the nursery. I got nervous thinking that he might have cried, but she said he did great and she just wanted to love on him before he had to leave. The couple who worked in his room told me that he and two of the other boys would run and tackle each other and they would all roll around on the floor like they were wrestling. They assumed Brody had older siblings since he played rough, but I had to explain that he just has a dad who plays really rough with him. We may need to work on that! :)
Here is Brody with Laurie's two kids, Shawn and Anna Kate. AK is 11 months older than Brody. She has started saying Brody's name and I made her say it at least 10 times yesterday because it is so sweet! She loves to look at Brody on the blog!:)

After church, we ran back to Josh's parents house and ate lunch, then jumped back in the car and drove to Hot Springs. Josh was a groomsman in a wedding at 2. We left the house a few minutes later than I had planned on leaving, so we got to the chapel at 1:56. Talk about cutting it close!
Isn't it beautiful?

Brody with his "da-e"! I was so glad to see "da-e" because I had been a single parent that day since Josh had been in Hot Springs and it was a hard job.

After the wedding, we stayed around and waited for the wedding party to finish with pictures.

This picture cracks me up. The guys are having the time of their life. Can you tell? Haha! Josh's face is what we call his "duh" face. It's the face he makes when he is listening to someone say something boring! :) I get that face A LOT!

While we waited for them to finish pictures, Brody kept trying to leave. He would walk out the door and down the sidewalk yelling, "Bye" as he walked away. I was seriously so exhausted trying to keep up with him. He is a busy boy and now that he walks, he is always on the go. One woman at the wedding told me it looked like I needed to get a leash as much as he was trying to run away. I agreed. :)

After they finished up pictures, we headed to the reception, which was at a nearby hotel. We stayed for about an hour, then had to leave and go back to Benton to finish getting our things, then head to Little Rock to have Christmas dinner with my dad's family. We got there about an hour after everyone else, but we were able to eat and enjoy some time with our sweet family before we got back in the car and drove 3 hours home. We got home about 10:15 and we were EXHAUSTED! I forgot to mention that we did this entire day with no naps! Brody did great, thankfully, because it would have been an even longer day if he had been fussy.
Y'all make sure and check back tomorrow because I found an old scrap book I made Josh when we were dating. It has a ton of pictures of us in it and I scanned them to post tomorrow. Y'all are going to love to old bangs! And I found a picture of Jill before she started poofing her hair. Those are great, too!
Have a great Monday!


Cara Beth said...

Get some rest, girl! You're makin ME tired!

Crystal said...

Wow, y'all did have a busy day! I can't wait to see the pictures tomorrow!

Kelly said...

What a fun weekend!!!

that place is very pretty

Erin said...

I loooove that chapel! My mom has been and I desperately want to see it in person. I hope y'all had a great time!

Jill said...

B looks so sweet sitting there with Shawn and AK!! He was so good last night, what a sweet little boy!!

You don't have to put those pics on your blog if you don't want to.


You don't.

But, I know, it is YOUR blog so you will win!

Let the games begin :)

Lisa said...

WOW, that place is amazing!!!!

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