Monday, December 7, 2009


I don't have much to blog about today. We have just been hanging around the house. Brody usually goes to MDO on Mondays, but because he is having crazy coughing spells and his snot is green as grass (sorry if that was TMI), I decided to keep him home. I just didn't want him getting anyone else sick. I feel like he may just have a runny nose and cough until the spring because as soon as it seems to be gone, he gets it right back from a friend in the nursery.

Brody has been SOOO much fun today, as he is everyday! He has been fascinated with the dishwasher today. As I would load it, he would unload it! He was trying to be so helpful!
He has been walking ALL over the house. He is just a blur in this picture! :) And my favorite thing he has done today is said "Mama" all day long! I just love hearing that word out of that sweet baby's mouth!

While Brody took a 3 hour morning nap, I was able to get A LOT done around the house. I love feeling ahead at the beginning of the week. He has been back down for 2 hours this afternoon. That boy loves a good nap! He is definitely his mama's child!

I hope you are having a wonderful start to your week!

What have you been up to today?


Summer said...

What a cute pic of Brody helping you with the dishwasher! Kelcee loves helping me! Girl he sleeps well! You are sooo lucky....two naps! Anywho I'm glad your day has been great! Ours has been real good too! Isn't it wonderful to here them say mama or mommy all the time! My heart melts everytime I here it! Just wait until he runs up and hugs you and says "mommy I love you sooo much" Kelcee just started that and I cry everytime.... :0)

Kelly@Keeping up with Kelly said...

Too cute!!! What a big boy

I have been shopping, mailing things. Now I am home realxing lol

Todd and Courtney said...

Lauren loves to nap too. She is totally my child :) Brody is sooooo cute!! We went to Whole Foods Market and stocked up on veggies and strolled around an outdoor shopping center today. She went to sleep at 6:30 and I'm bored, HA!

Lea Liz said...

He is just too cute!! Brody loves the dishwasher too.. he tries to help!!!

It is just the best when they say MAMA!!

I wanted ot ask a question... I know you nursed Brody.. is he still nursing? How did you wean him? I am needing some tips!!

emilyb said...

Brody is such a great helper! The pictures are too cute of him walking around. Cooper, my 13 mo. old has not started walking yet and I wish he would. He pulls up and cruises on everything but won't walk- he would rather crawl. My oldest son Preston was a big helper like Brody. I remember for Christmas when he was 15 months old his Santa gifts were toy cleaning supplies!!!

Warf pary of 3 said...

Landon has been sick ALL day. So I have been taking care of a sick baby. Landon also loves to help unload the dishwasher. Have a good week.

Lisa said...

Awwwh I'm sorry he is sick! Keegan started SITTING on the dishwasher recently. Crazy kiddos!!!
Oh and I keep forgetting to ask you...between your wood floors and ceramic tile, which is easier to keep clean with Brody?

Lisa said...

oh and I wish I could hear a certain someone say mama =( She says everything else but that =(
YAY Brody for making mama happy!!! Now come talk to Keegan please!

Kodi said...

haha what a stinker. he is so cute "helping" with dishes! :)

Ashley said...

Aren't these days just precious!???

Lindsey said...

Just wanted to introduce myself since I have been reading your blog! I'm Lindsey from Nashville. I have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks and I really enjoy your posts. Your Brody is precious! I just had a son, James, in June. I loved reading your questions and answers... can't wait for the recipes! I need some healthy ideas. Have a great week!