Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jill's Testimony

This post is mainly for our family and real life friends, since some requested I post this, but please feel free to continue reading. :)

My sister was asked to speak this morning during our church's Vision Service. It is a service that is done once a year highlighting some of the ways our church has impacted church members' lives during the past year. Jill's testimony had already been featured in our church's monthly news magazine in October. If you would like to read the full story, you can go here.

Our church averages a couple thousand people on Sunday mornings, so it wasn't a small crowd, plus this service is simulcasted to our other campus which also has several hundred people. I was so nervous, you would have thought I was speaking. This is a video that I took, but I was trying to pay attention and video from the balcony. I started it about 10 seconds into her talking so you miss a few words and I apparently didn't hold the camera still at all so sorry for the poor quality.
We are so proud of her!


His Doorkeeper said...

Jennifer, You should have been so proud of Jill. What a wonderful testimony of realizing you are not saved and doing something about it! I know you all are a blessed shows in all you do!

Blessings to your whole family and tell Jill we are very proud of her, not only for for her decision for Christ, but her courage to share that decision in front of so many people!

Summer said...

I just love your new blog look! Brody's facial expression looks like oh no mommy not another pic! Very Cute
Your sister's testimony was wonderful! I know ya'll have to be real proud! My hubby is in PR and it is always hard to get up in front of a crowd, even for people who do it all the time!
Summer :0)

Jilly said...

Neat - she's so brave to speak her heart in front of all those people!

Crystal said...

I loved Jill's testimony! I think this happens to a lot of people but they are afraid to admit it.

I love the new blog and I made your enchilada's tonight and we LOVE them! Definitely a new favorite!

Kelly said...

That is awesome! Jill is so pretty inside and out and I would have died before I could have stood in front of so many people but she did GREAT! I know you were so proud!

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

We saw Jill and your family at Patron's today!! It was so funny-we went and had lunch with my Uncle Larry, my mom, and their Sunday School class and my mom saw Jill and said, "Oh, she gave her testimony this morning!" and I looked up and was like, "that is Jill!" So, anyway, it was so good to see them and I was so bummed that I missed out on you and Brody again!!! I am so proud of Jill!!!! And, I am so impressed that she was able to share in front of all of those people. The article is great, too. PS. My mom said her testimony was excellent! (c;

Angie said...

What a wonderful testimony she has! I love the article - it just warms my heart.

I am sure you are so proud :)

Love the new look!!

Emily said...

That is a great testimony! I would be proud too.

Love the new blog header!

Karen said...

Jill's testimony was wonderful, you have to be so proud of her! I also love the new holiday picture in your blog!!! So cute!!!
I wanted to get back to you regarding my brother living in Arkansas, he was actually transferred to Marion, Arkansas last Summer for work. I believe it is only a short drive from Memphis, Tennessee. It was only supposed to be a year but it looks like it is now a permanent move. They are even looking to building a new home there now. I am miss him and his wife to death but it's been a good move for them both professionally. We are hoping to visit him this Summer when his twins arrive, we have never been to Arkansas yet to visit him and I am really looking forwad to it! It will be an interesting first road trip with our little girl. I hope you had a great weekend.


Katie said...

Oh, that's so great! I cannot imagine sharing in front of that many people. :o) That's kinda like shouting the name of Jesus from a mountaintop to the world! Congratulations to Jill!! God is GOOD - moreso than we even know!

Wyn said...

Hi, I started reading your blog not long ago through Kellye Korner and just read Jill's article you linked to and it made me cry so much! Such a kick in the butt for someone who would have probably answered "yes you are" or "go talk to a pastor"!