Saturday, December 19, 2009

Friday Night Fun!

We had such a fun Friday night!!!

I made tacos for dinner. I thought we would just go out to eat because I never cook on Friday nights, but Josh asked for tacos, so I made tacos. I'm such a good wife! Haha! I got the double-decker taco kit. Those are soooo good. Have you ever had them? If not, you should get them. I ate 2 and really wanted 3 but decided I shouldn't eat that many! :)

After we finished eating, we headed downtown to the square to look at Christmas lights. The city does a big display each year. We always enjoy getting to see the lights!
They have pony rides for the kids at the square. Brody was mesmerized by it all! I know he was just wishing he was old enough to ride one. :)
This picture of Josh and Brody is too funny. Brody is crying because he saw a dog and wanted out of his stroller to get it. He is obsessed with dogs. He LOVES them and talks about "doas" all day long!
Our sweet friend, Helga, saw us taking pictures and came over and offered to take a picture of the 3 of us. She was riding around looking at lights with her husband and 2 month old baby, Noah.
Brody was so tired when we left the square that he fell asleep in the car. He didn't even wake up when Josh got him out of his car seat.
When we got home, I "baked" some cookies. I LOVE cookies, especially on Friday nights. Clearly, I cheated and got the slice and bake, but they were so good!Perfect night in my book!

Today, my mom and I are going to Benton for our friends' wedding this afternoon. We are so excited for Allison and Baxter!

Hope you have a great Saturday!


Adge said...

seems like you had a great Friday night, have fun at the wedding.

Katie said...

Looks like fun, Jennifer. ; ) Those tacos look great!

Summer said...

Awww what a perfect Friday night!! Girl those tacos look like something out of a magazine....I make double decker's all the time and well mine ummm well they don't look like that Ha! Ha! Any secrets??
What a cute family pic and I am all about the pre-sliced chocolate chip cookies....delish :0)
Hope you have fun at the wedding!!

Kelly said...

looks like a fun friday night
have a great weekend

nault's nook said...

tacos, lights, and cookies! perfect!

Erin said...

There's nothing wrong with "break and bake" cookies!!! It's very Sandra Lee! =)

Kelly said...

We haven't taken Harper to see the lights this year but I'm afraid she really wouldn't care she won't stay up past 5:30 maybe next year.
I think slice and bake cookies are honestly the best!
And those tacos look SO good!

And don't be insulted if I'm wrong - but is that red coat from Wal-Mart last year? Because I have the same one! :-)