Saturday, December 5, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Despite the fact that it is 30 something degrees here this weekend, we have spent a some time outdoors the past 2 days!!!

Last night, Josh and I took Brody to FNO and then headed to watch the Shiloh Saints football game (our church's private school). When we got to the game, our car thermometer read 27 degrees. In the first quarter, I checked my phone and it said 22 degrees. It was COLD. Surprisingly, I wasn't as cold as I thought I would be. I had on about 13 layers of clothes , so I felt pretty good, but I told Josh I had to get a hot chocolate as soon as we walked into the game. Then, as soon as I finished that one, the nice man in front of us went to the concession stand and came back with another hot chocolate for me. I thought that was so sweet. Here is a pic of me that I took with my phone. I was wearing my ski gloves and my gator that I wear skiing! :)

This afternoon, we attempted to take a Christmas card picture. Does anyone know how hard it is to take a picture with a one year old? Brody was not at all interested in taking a picture. It was really cold and really windy. I felt so bad for him, but we tried to take it anyway. He screamed and whined and wouldn't look at the camera. At one point, I told him he wasn't going to be on our card if he didn't look at the camera. :)

Here are a just a few of the out takes from today. Between the sun beaming on our faces, the wind blowing my hair like crazy and Brody acting uncivilized, we didn't have much success. Who knows if we will ever get a good one!

I think he was attempting to pull my earring straight down and rip my ear. It felt about as horrible as it sounds.

This one is cute except for the sun and the fact that Josh's head is cut off.

I think it is cute cropped like this though. Maybe not Christmas card cute but just cute!

I've been in my pajamas since 6:30. I made chili for dinner and we have had a fire going while watching some football. I am so thankful for warm food and a warm home on a cold night like this!


Julee Turner said...

I think these are so cute but if you want me to try to take more for you I will this week! He is cracking me up being so crazy! HA!

leah marie. said...

precious pictures...he is getting so big!

Kendra said...

Thanks so much for your bumper tips!

The lady told us about the mesh bumpers today...but (and this is going to sound SO trivial...) they sound so ugly!! Gotta get over that =(

Your little guy is ADORABLE! Seriously a heartbreaker.

Good luck with the Christmas card pic!

Crystal said...

These are very cute! The 3rd one down is cute and Brody is looking at the camera!

Erin said...

I just started following, but good luck with the Christmas card picture! Maybe do it right after lunch one day so he's in a food coma? ;o)

Erin said...

Brrr can't believe you sat out there when it was that cold, I wouldnt have and I live in MN!!!! Its cold here now, just starting to actually feel like MN!

Kelly@Keeping up with Kelly said...

cute pics!!!!

M Oliver said...

We asked our neighbor to come over to try to get a shot before church for our is VERY hard trying to get a 10 month old to smile! The other day I overheard a Mom talking to another Mom about punshing her son for not acting happy in the Christmas card...sad, huh!!!

Lisa said...

those are adorable! I LOVE the last one for sure!!!
Did Leah tell you WE, yes Houston (we're actually in Katy), had SNOW!!!??? Can you believe that? It was awesome!

Shelley said...

Hey! I tried out your enchilada recipe today and it was GREAT! We will be making that in our house in the future :) Thanks for sharing it!

Stay warm! The cold has finally arrived here in Wisconsin too! It keeps coming later and later each year and I think us midwesterners are getting less and less used to it, which is not good! How great to have a fireplace! Sitting by the fire was always something I enjoyed growing up in MN!