Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009-The BEST year of our lives!

I did a little recap of our year last NYE. I thought it would be fun to recap this year as well. We have seriously had the BEST year. I just cried last night reading through our blog and thinking about how blessed we were this past year. We made so many wonderful memories as a family. We marked so many "firsts" in Brody's life. It was just wonderful! Yes, there were hard days and sleepless nights. Yes, being a parent is harder at times than people tell you it is, but it is also way better than people tell you, too. I have never had more fun in my life than I have this year. I took fewer showers this year. My laundry piled up often this year. I lived in sweats and pajamas until the spring. I probably wore make-up only half the year. My house was dirtier at times than it has ever been. But I would not have changed a second of it. It really was the best year of our lives. I just pray that God is gracious enough to bless us with another wonderful year in 2010!

We started off the year with a precious 3 month old boy!
Two days after his 3 month birthday, Brody started going to Mother's Day Out 2 days a week.
I turned 24 and celebrated my first birthday as a mom. It was so special!

Brody may have been the cutest little boy I have ever seen wearing his green on St. Patrick's Day!

Josh turned 26 and we went away for the weekend to celebrate. Brody came with us and spent his first night in a hotel!


We were able to finally spend some time outside since it started warming up!Brody met his "EEE Aunts" for the first time.We attended a couples' shower for a girl in my pledge class and all my friends were finally able to meet our little maBrody went to his first Razorback sporting event...a Lady Razorbacks Softball game to celebrate Aunt Jilly's birthday.We also celebrated Brody's first Easter. He was such a cutie!
We celebrated my first Mother's Day! It was wonderful!
I was given the sweetest gift from my two boys....a ring with Brody's name on it! Brody attended his first two weddings on the same weekend. He didn't get to sit in either one of them because he kept yelling "Hi" to people! June
We celebrated Josh's first Father's Day! He is a WONDERFUL dad! That same day, we left for our beach vacation to Destin. It was Brody's first beach trip! We also went to our church's fireworks display at the end of the month. Brody loved it!July
We celebrated Brody's first 4th of July by attending one of my college best friend's wedding. Brody got to meet more of our college friends. We had a wonderful day with friends!Brody started acting like a real boy...he got a big knot on his head and ate dog food in the same week! We spent a lot of fun weekends together as a family throughout the summer! It was such a wonderful time for us! August
We spent a lot of time outside, especially on the weekends. Daddy got really into playing disc golf so we started going as a family to the park on Saturday mornings.My grandpa passed away unexpectedly in the middle of the month. We spent several days in Benton with all my family.
Brody started back to MDO after the summer break.

He and I started attending MOPS.We cheered for the Hogs all fall! We also went to some fun tailgate parties!

Brody got his first hair cut from Julee.
Josh and I were part of the start up group for the 10:55 service. We also started attending a new connection group with other couples from the 10:55 service. It meets in our home weekly now!

And I cut my hair off! Yes, it is a big enough deal to make the list for the year!


We celebrated Brody's First Birthday! It was such a fun day!

We took several trips to the pumpkin patch! Brody dressed up as a duck for his 2nd Halloween!
Josh and I celebrated 2 wonderful years of marriage! I want at least 70 more!
We helped with the Blessing Basket ministry at our church.
We had a great Thanksgiving with our families.

Jill taught the blog world how to poof their hair!
We had a wonderful month of celebrating Christmas!

Happy New Years!!!


Jenna said...

I loved this recap, and I know it is mainly because I just love ya'lls little family SO much! It is such an honor to be able to read and keep up with the Francis Fam! Thanks for sharing your life, faith, and of course that sweet boy with us. Love you, Jen!! Happy New Year!

Mrs. Biscuit said...

Found your blog through Kelly (Kelly's Korner) and love it! Your family is beautiful.

Also....great eye makeup! Share your tips sometime!

Crystal said...

Such a cute recap of the year! You have such a sweet family! I always tell my husband to read your blog and tell him I can't wait until we have kids, so we can be cute like y'all...LOL!

Summer said...

I love, love, love the recap! I am so glad Jill's poof made the list! Ha! Ha! All of us here in WV that blog have been trying to perfect the poof! I don't think my hair will ever be the same after FREEZE IT!! Ha! Ha!
Happy New Year and hears to a perfect 10 (2010)
Summer :0)

Heather said...

I did this same thing on my blog and set it to post tomorrow!! Great minds think alike! :) Love your recap...God is so good! Happy New Year, Jennifer!

Tyra said...

What a sweet recap! I pray that 2010 brings you even more happiness!

His Doorkeeper said...

Jennifer, you and Josh have had a wonderful year with Brody! You have a sweet family and I pray God's many blessings on you all in the NEW YEAR!!

Happy New Year!!

Cameron and Rachel said...

I love your re-cap! You can really tell how much Brody has grown. He seems like he is your world. Hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year!

Amanda M. said...

Love your recap! SO glad I found your blog via Kelly's Korner! :)

Christa said...

What a great year! Love your recap! Happy New Year, Jennifer!!! :)

Katie said...

What?! Brody's Bystander Bite didn't even make it on the year-end recap?! And here I thought that was one of the classic stories of '09.... So fun to read about y'all's fun year! (The pics of Brody on the beach, and the one with your friend holding him up close...seriously...model baby...)

Sarah Broadus said...

this was great! so glad I found your blog!!

Warf pary of 3 said...

looks like a wonderful year. great idea!! i copied. haha ;o). check out our year.

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Such a great year! Matt and I say the same thing about parenting--no one can tell you how tough it can be but it doesn't even compare to the fact that no one can come close to describing how great it is either! Hope next year is even better for you guys. Happy New Year!

PS. Look for us at church. (c;

Nancy said...

Happy New Year! Love your blog!

Meg said...

Thanks for keeping it real. I try to do that on my blog most of the time. I don't mind sharing the struggles of being a first time parent, it's something I think all should share so the rest of us don't feel alone! Bless that bump, I dread the day and we've already had a couple of 'almosts' since my boy has started sitting up.

Megan said...

such a sweet recap for a sweet little family. BTW I LOVE that pictures of you guys at the pumpkin patch. Its my fav.

The 'Ssippi Scoup said...

I've been a lurker for awhile now and guess now that it's a new year I should come out and say Hello! Brody is the cutest thing and I enjoyed looking at your yaer in review. That first picture of him that is black and white is the cutest picture of a baby I have EVER seen, and that's saying alot because I have a 1 year old myself. I laughed out loud at two of your recent posts, one being when Brody bit the stranger and two being the santa clause picture. Bailey went through a biting stage where she'd bite when she thought she was kissing. She got sent home from child care with a "Bailey bit another child on the face today." I cried, it sounded so bad!

Here's to a great year in 2010. I love reading about your family and that cute boy!

Joyce said...

I popped over from Kellys Korner..your comment was above the comment box and I just clicked over...I have to say your recap made me smile. You sound so happy and your little boy is a cutie...Happy 2010...mine are nearly all grown up but every age has its own special joy. There's nothing quite like those toddler years though...they are extra special.