Monday, November 9, 2009

"Where did you get that poop?"

This morning, Brody had finished breakfast and was just playing around the house. I was picking-up a few things in the kitchen...sticking my head around the corner to check on him occasionally. At one point, I saw him playing with something, but I couldn't tell what it was, so I went a little closer to see. He put the thing on the floor and took off crawling. This is what I saw.

For the life of me, I coulnd't figure out what it was, but it looked like some kind of weird poop. Of course, I wasn't going to touch the poop, so I left it on the floor and started saying, "Brody, where did you get that poop?"

I didn't really think it was poop, but that's what it looked like, so I just called it poop. Logical...I know. I asked Brody again and he replied with something that sounds like "bawajabaldoa" Such a big help he was! :)
I went back and stood over the "poop" again to try and figure out where it came from. I honestly couldn't think of anything in our house that looked like that. Then, it hit me. It was from this agrangement in my kitchen.

Not poop....Thank goodness. Although I really wouldn't put it past this boy in the future! :)


Kelly King said...

thats too cute

he is such a cutie

Heather said...

That is too funny! I was reading your title and thinking "This isn't gonna be good!" ha!

Summer said...

LOL! That is soooo funny! When I read the title I knew it was gonna be something funny! Your blog is always hilarious!
Thanks for sharing! Oh and glad it wasn't actually poop! Ha! Ha!
Summer :0)

Jenna said...

A little faux poop never hurt anybody! Glad it wasn't the real thing (this time!). :-)

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

I was afraid he was going to have his diaper off or something when I read the title! He is looking so cute!! He always has, but you know they just cuter when their personalities start coming out! Glad to see he is feeling better.

Katie said...

That is hysterical!!! I was wondering what in the world Brody had been eating for his poop to look like that! HAHA!

My sister brought back a baby doll from Jamaica one time for Amelia. Amelia somehow ripped an arm off and when I saw it laying in the floor, I totally thought it was poop! Haha! TWICE!!!!!!!!! Now, that's bad...