Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday

I do not shop on Black Friday, instead, I love to spend the day with my sweet family. Josh was off work and we had no plans. It was just a wonderful day to spend hanging around the house.

Josh and I teamed-up to make breakfast...pancakes and bacon. Yummy!
Brody ate a lot for breakfast! He has a huge appetite and constantly eats. We had to take him to the doctor on Wednesday for a cold and he has gained almost 3lbs in 3 weeks! He has already outgrown most of his new birthday clothes and this week he wore some 18 month clothing. He is a 25lb chunk. I can't believe just 4 months ago he was in the 5th percentile for weight. Not any more!
After breakfast, I cleaned the house and did some laundry while Josh and Brody played and read books. Brody loves for us to read to him!

We ate leftover Thanksgiving food for lunch, then Brody went down for a nap and Josh and I laid around and watched football all afternoon. I took a nap, which is what usually happens when I lay on the couch and "watch football"! Haha!

That evening, we had planned to go to dinner with my parents and sister to celebrate my dad's birthday, since we didn't get to really celebrate on Thursday. We finally got out of our pajamas at 5:00. Josh and I were in our bathroom getting ready and we thought Brody was playing in his room. We seriously had left him for about 5 minutes alone. When I went to check on him, I found him in the kitchen. This was what had been entertaining him. A new box of 100 Ziploc bags.

We went to eat dinner, then came back to our house for dessert. My dad doesn't really like birthday cake. I are we related?? So no Rick's Bakery for us tonight. Instead, my mom got chocolate fried pies from this really good catfish restaurant up here. We had those and they we SOOOOO good. I probably could have eaten 2 or maybe even 5 of them.

After we ate, Brody helped my dad open his gift. It was HILARIOUS!

Where is Brody in this picture? Well, that's him under the bag!

Brody and my dad played with the bag for a while last night and Brody loved every minute of it.

We know what we are getting him for Christmas...boxes, bags and tissue paper! :)


Summer said...

How funny about the ziploc bags! You got that right, when they are 1 the best gifts for them are bags, paper and bows.... Greg jokes that we should have just got a got full of bows and wrapped it for Kelcee when she was one 'cause that's all she played with the entire day was the bows.... Ha! Ha!
Summer :0)

Mandi said...

Those are the "gifts" they like the best! The ziploc bag picture is hilarious!

Kelly said...

Ya'll are the CUTEST family.
What I need to know is are those choc fried pies from catfish hole???? Because I have to go there NOW!

Stuck in the Sticks said...

Was it catfish john's?! Because fried chocolate has my name (which is Kelsey btw) all over it!!! =)