Thursday, October 1, 2009

Show Us Your Life-Baby Gear

Kelly is hosting a tour of your favorite baby gear items today! Choosing baby gear was defiantly a hard decision for me! I would spend hours each night researching different brands, features, safety ratings, prices, etc., to try and find the perfect items for our baby! Here are just a few of our favorite items. There are so many more that we use on a daily basis, but these 5 are the things I could not have survived the first year without!This is the ITZBEEN Timer. I seriously would not have survived the first 3 months of nursing with out this little device! You can read all about it HERE. It shows the elapsed time since the last diaper change and feeding, how long baby has been awake/asleep and how long since medication was last given, etc. I loved it because I could set the alarm to go off every 3 hours so I could keep Brody on a feeding schedule. I set it through out the night so I wouldn't worry about sleeping through a feeding. It was great to be able to just look and know how long it had been since we fed, changed, etc. It's so little that I carried it around in the diaper bag when we were out and about.
This is a MUST for new parents and it only costs $25!!!

The Medela Pump In Style Advanced breastpump was also one of my favorite purchases. I really hate pumping, but this pump allows your pumping sessions to be quick and efficient. I loved that I just pushed a button and it did the rest. I thought cleaning the bottle, shield and tubes were very easy. I have heard from some friends that their pumps lasted through 3 children before it stopped working so I am hoping I can get the same amount of use out of mine! I defiantly think this was worth $280, especially since it can be used with each child. If you think about the cost of formula, nursing and using this pump will pay for itself within a matter of weeks!We chose to get a Diaper Champ instead of a Diaper Genie. The more I researched the two, the more I felt the Diaper Champ was more practical. It uses regular garbage bags instead of special bags like the genie. It also holds a ton more diapers! I am so glad we bought this and would recommend it since it ends up costing less money in the long run!
We pretty much would not have survived the first month without the swing. Brody slept in it all the time! It was the only thing that seemed to calm him down at times. I think any swing would do, this is just a picture of our cute little swing!
This is a picture of the travel system we used for Brody. I would recommend these to any new mom. I loved that his carseat could go straight from the car into the stroller. It was so easy to use and was so convenient! There are tons of options for travel systems. Look around and find the one that has the pattern and features you love! I would highly recommend making sure there is a basket at the bottom for the diaper bag and a cup holder and the top for your drink or your keys and cell phone!

My biggest piece of advice to you who are searching for new baby gear would be to check the websites of your favorite stores. I loved Babies R Us, Target and Walmart. Look at ratings, features, and comments about the product. Compare prices at the various stores. Also, if you register at these stores they will send you coupons and you can really end up getting some good deals if you look for sales and use your coupons while buying some of the big priced items. Also, we saved our gift cards for some of the big purchases. We were able to buy our $300 video camera with only Target gift cards! Even the small ones add up!

Enjoy planning for your new baby and check out everyone's baby gear post at Kelly's Korner!


Shannon said...

I've never heard of that timer. That would be great for me since I'm so bad at telling time! :)

Summer said...

I have that same breast pump and loved it! I wish I would have known about the Itz Been Timer! I would like write everything down in the little charts the hospital gave us and set our alarm clock! That timer would have been so much easier!
Summer :0)

Todd and Courtney said...

I've never heard of the itzbeen!! I'm so getting that for the next child.

CupHolderGuy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Karen said...

I have every one of those items on my registry so I was so thrilled to see that they were a few of your favorites. I have heard of a lot of great things about the itzbeen timer. I can't wait to try it out. Happy Birthday to your adorable son!!!!


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