Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One Year Check-Up

Today, we went for Brody's one year check-up! I seriously cannot believe it! I feel like we just went to his first check-up at the pediatric clinic the week he was born, but that was a year ago this week.
Before we headed to our appointment, we met Jill for a late breakfast at Panera. We love their bagles! I forgot a bib for Brody so I had to use my hooter hider to cover him so his clothes would not get dirty. :)
We got to Brody's appointment a few minutes early (very unlike us! Ha!). He played and squealed in the waiting room for a while. Jill went with us since today was her day off from work.
Then we just played around in the room and waited on our doctor to come see us!Crawling around....
Playing with the rolling chair.....
I was very anxious to get Brody's weight at this appointment because I knew he had grown A LOT since his 9 month appointment. Sure enough, he has gained 6lbs in the past 3 months. He weighs right at 23lbs. He is now in the 50th percentile for weight, which is a huge jump from the 5-10th percentile he was in at his 9 month appointment. He is also in the 50th percentile for height and head circumfrance, so he is just doing great on size! Our doctor couldn't believe how much he had grown since she saw him last time and she couldn't believe he finally had a little belly!Our not so favorite part of the appointment was when Brody got his 4 shots. Josh had taken him at the end of August to get a flu shot and he didn't cry at all with Josh. Sure enough, the first stick today made him scream like a newborn baby! He gave those nurses an ugly, ugly look when they were finished and he gave our doctor the same look when she came in to see us. It was pretty funny! Jill was so funny about the shots. The nurse stuck her head in and told us our dr was a little behind so they were going to do the shots before we saw her and then she would be in to see us. When the nurse left Jill glared at me and said, "you suckered me into coming. I didn't know he was getting shots!" Haha! I just assumed she knew that at most appointments he gets shots. As soon as they gave him the shots I picked him up and held him to try and console him and Jill kept saying, "Let me just hold him. Can I please just hold him?" I told her I thought he probably wanted me for a few minutes! :) It was more that I just needed to hold him after they hurt my baby like that. Haha!
After his appointment, we went to Rick's Bakery for lunch. Some of you commented and tweeted that you saw Rick's on the Duggar's Show last night and thought of me! That cracked me up!
If you watched last night, you saw that they renewed their vows. That took place our was actually in the nursery area, which I thought was funny! They used to attend our church and also they used to live on property at the side of our church. I wish I would have known they were filming that at church that day because you know I would have just "had to run up to church" for something! Haha!


Lea Liz said...

He really has grown in the past few months!!!! That is great! He looks so cute.. I love his hair-do:) I love Panera too!!

Ashley said...

Aww the pics are precious, he is such a doll baby! I cannot wait to pinch those cheeks!

Avery has her 4 month tomorrow.. they grow WAY too fast! ;)

Big hugs!

Summer said...

How super cute he is!!!! I love his spiky hairdo! Hope he feels better from the shots!
Thanks for sharing the pics
Summer :0)

jenn said...

glad he is doing so great..i saw that on the duggers as well and wondered if that was the same place..ha/ha

Mary said...

His hair is so cute and I love your top. Were did you get it?