Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekend Fun

We have had a really great weekend so far!

Josh's parents came up Friday afternoon to see us!! They spent the night with us and went back home yesterday afternoon. We jokingly gave them a hard time because they have not been up to see us since May, but we were really glad they made time to come up and visit this weekend. We all had a lot of fun! (In case you are wondering what happened to Poppy's arm...he fell off an 8ft tall ladder a few weeks ago and broke his wrist. His cast goes up to his sholder!)

I cooked dinner Friday night for all of us. After we ate, Josh and I went out by ourselves for a couple of hours while Brody stayed with Josh's parents. I don't think they even got to play with him because he was so tired he went straight to bed. Saturday morning, we slept-in a little and then, we made pancakes for breakfast. Around lunch time, we went to eat at one of our favorite places around here, and then, to the mall to shop. Josh's parents bought us some cute Razorback shirts to wear to some of the games this season and then bought us all a pair of shoes. We didn't really go to the mall for that, but by the time we left, we all had new shoes which was a great deal! I got these cutsie red TOMS just in time for the first Razorback game last night.
We also went to Toys R Us and picked out Brody's birthday gifts from them. Josh and I kept seeing all kinds of toys that we wanted him to have, but we need to wait a little longer until he can play with them. Basically, if we bought them now they would just be for us to play with!! :) Having a baby is wonderful, but it is even more exciting to think about all the fun toys we will all 3 soon enjoy! Haha!
Yesterday evening, we went over to some friends house to watch the Razorback game on pay-per-view. NW Arkansas was having a difficult time receiving the signal for the game and no one could get the game up here at kickoff, so we just ate and visited and watched other games for a little while, and listened to the Hogs game on the radio until mid 2nd quarter when the game magically appeared! Yay! We were so glad!

This morning was mine and Josh's Sunday to work in the nursery during church service. We did not sign up to work in Brody's class, but he ended up having to be in our class this morning. Oh my! We learned so much about him while he was in a social setting. He is way more active then most babies his age, and by that I mean he seriously climbed, crawled and pulled on every single thing and CHILD in that nursery. We could not keep up with him. All the other children would just sit and play, or walk around a look at things, but not Brody. He was like a bomb in the room that went off! He was everywhere! He stole pacifiers out of babies mouths, would take toys right out of their hands as soon as they picked them up. He would crawl over to other babies and hold onto their clothes while he pulled himself up and would then proceed to try and lick and kiss all over their faces. It was actually one little girl he was doing this to the most. He must have thought she was extra cute! He is such a good baby, but SO into everything. He is definatly all boy! I now know why they always tell me he is so funny when I go pick him up from the nursery. By funny they mean wild. Haha! We love every second of our wild lives!

Have a great rest of the weekend!

P.S. I finally posted pics of Brody's 11 month birthday party! Shhh! Don't tell him I was 3 days late! :)


Kelly said...

Ha! We learned a lot about Harper by keeping the nursery and observing her and the other children. Mostly we learned that other children are calm and quiet and she never stops making noise. ha!
Brody is too much!
I love your new Toms shoes!

Jenna said...

Love the shoes! And love that Brody is so "funny" in the nursery. Ya'll crack me up! Hope you had a great rest of the weekend, sweet friend!

Emily said...

Brody is so cute! His hair cracks me up.

I haven't had the chance to observe Lincoln in the nursery.. but all of the ladies tell us he is so good during church.

LOVE the new header!