Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Fun

Even though today was a holiday, my job doesn't come with vacation days, or even anytime off for that matter, so I worked. I did enjoy having Josh at home with me today and the extra help! Honestly, who wouldn't love spending every single day with this precious face. I don't want a day off from this job! This morning, I woke at 8 and fed Brody and then, my sweet husband let me go back to sleep while he and Brody played. I slept until 10! Thank you, Josh! As soon as I walked out of our bedroom into our living room, Josh looked like a deer in the headlights and said, "he is into everything. I can't keep him out of stuff." I just busted out laughing and said welcome to my life. There were signs all around the house that Brody had been in full force this morning. Just look at this pic of him trying to climb through the guest bed! Haha!Brody and I hung out at the house while Josh went to play disc golf at our church's new course today. He played with a few friends from church. After he was finished playing he went and bought this disc for me so that I could play with him some. It was really sweet of him! Try to resist the urge to be jealous of the shark disc though. Apparently it is supposed to be light enough for me to throw. I feel a blog post coming this week on my disc golf skill. Wait for it. :) This afternoon, Julee text me to tell me she was going to go to Oops (a store in our area) and asked if I wanted to go, which of course I did. So after Josh got home, she came to get me. On our way out there she causally mentioned that she had never been to Oops. I almost freaked out. I didn't know anyone who lived up here and had not at least gone out there once. It was fun to go with her on her first visit. Julee said she is going to start calling Oops hoarder's paradise instead! Haha! It really is about 98% junk and some days it's 100% junk. We did find these cute little pumpkins that were $2.25 each.
I also got this cute scarecrow for $2.25. I think I am going to stick him in a big pot with a mum on my front porch.

Then, we stopped at Hobby Lobby and both got a few more things. When we got back to my house and started taking all my stuff out of bags, we realized I got a little carried away buying pumpkins. Haha! Oh well! I will find somewhere for them! :) My parents came over to our house this evening and we grilled out. It was so nice because they brought all the food over with them, I just had to provide dishes! That's my kind of cook out! We ate and played with Brody. It was so much fun. Brody even said, "thank you" for the first time while they were over here! My mom was feeding him and I guess he was thanking her for the bite. It was SO CLEAR that it really took me by surprise!! Then, he said it a second time. He also said "uh-ba" tonight for football. Usually he just says "ba" for ball, but tonight he made the distinction for football. He is just so smart! He must get it from his momma! :)

Hope you had a wonderful day as well!


Megan said...

You got some really cute fall stuff! I don't think you can ever have too many pumpkins.

Karen said...

Adorable!!! You are so lucky to be a stay at home mom!!!


Harris Family said...

I think it is so funny when the guys realize how much work the kids are!!! Flint is the same way as Josh. I miss Oops and I love your TOMS! I have been wanting some. Red ones would be fun!

Lyr said...

Love when the Hubs lets me sleep!! So sweet!!