Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy 11 Month, Brody!

Tonight, we had our last monthly cake party for Brody because next month we will be having a FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I really cannot believe it is already here. It is so bittersweet! We are so incredibly thankful for the last 11 months. They have by far been the best 11 months of our lives.

We went all out with the Razorback theme for this month's cake since our season begins on Saturday!!
I also got out a few of my Razorback serving pieces that I like to put out at the beginning of football season. A few crazy pictures of Brody with the cake! It's probably a good thing this was the last one because I don't think we could keep him out of them much longer! He was wanting to either get the cake, or to get down out of the chair! After my family left our house, Josh grilled steaks for us. I laid a couple of blankets out in the backyard for Brody to play on while we sat outside. It was so nice that night and felt so good outside!
Brody has been a busy boy this month. He is what he is up to!
-He still has 8 teeth. He is showing some signs of teething again which make me think the one year molars are on their way!
-He is into everything!
-He eats all kinds of table food. He loves cut up vegetables, fruits, some soft meats, cheese. He will pretty much eat a small amount of anything we eat.
-He LOVES water and drinks a lot of it everyday. We do not give him juice, so he basically doesn't know anything else exists to drink! :)
-He is still saying "hi", "bye-bye", "dada", "mama", and "ba" for food/bite. This month, he started saying, "uh oh", "no no", and "ni ni" which is what he calls my mom, even though we call her Gigi.
-He is still sleeping 12 hours a night, takes a 1-2 hour nap in the morning and a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoons.
-He is into everything!
-He is still nursing, but began to wean himself during the daytime this month, so our doctor went ahead and gave us the ok this week to start whole milk during the day, since he is so close to one.
-He had whole milk for the first time on his 11 month bday and LOVED it. I am so proud of us for making it the entire year nursing only. He will continue to nurse some until after his first bday and then we will begin to wean from morning and evening nursing.
-He pulls up on things and walks all around them, but doesn't walk on his own yet.
-He gained 3lbs this past month! He had a serious growth spurt.
-He wears a size 3 diaper and size 6-9 month clothing and a size 5 shoe! Big feet!!
-He is into everything! (Have I already mentioned that once or twice? Haha!)
-He throws temper tantrums. They are funny and not funny all at the same time.
-He will give high five when you ask him to.
-He gives hugs and kisses when you ask him to, but usually only to me and Josh.
-He is in love with his paci still.
-He gets his feelings hurt a lot more often now and I think is more sensitive then he used to be.
-Oh yeah, one more thing...He is into everything!!!!! :)

We are so excited about this next month and can hardly believe Brody will be ONE!!! We are so thankful for the past 11 months and pray we have many more fun days ahead with our sweet guy. He is (in our opinion) the best thing in the entire world!!!! Who knew parenting was so much fun??!!!


The Allens said...

When did Brody start drinking water? Aaron HATES water. He won't even eat cereal if I make it with water and I tried to give it to him to drink once, but he spit it out. But he's only 6 months, so I wasn't sure if it was just too early?

Lisa said...

hey momma! I hate to say it but I'm so happy that Brody throws temper tantrums too(Not that he does but that my child is not the only one at this age)! I'm going to email you more about this (well, not email b/c I dont have yours but I will message you on FB). Anyway, I cant believe a size 5 shoe! BIG BOY! I give Keegan water and no juice as well. Most people think thats weird??? I don't. So cute he calls your mom, "ni ni." Happy 11 month Brody!!!

Megan said...

So cute! Love that cake and all of your serving pieces! I'm not an Arkansas fan (not really a fan of anybody) but I love all of those, very festive!

Mandi said...

The razorback cake is cute! It's been fun watching Brody grow and change each month.

Katie Bug said...

{Hops over from Kelly's Korner}
I love that you have done a cake party for every monthday. What a great idea! Maybe I can do that for baby #2 (someday).