Friday, September 18, 2009

Dinner Guests

Last night, we had Jonathan, Heather and Zachary over for dinner. We had a lot of fun visiting and I think Brody and Zachary had a lot of fun playing together. Zachary is 20 months old so he was the "big boy" around here tonight. Brody has this dancing Elmo and it scared Zachary, so he was trying to show me how Elmo danced when I took this picture. It was soooo cute!The one time they both sat still for more than a second!I think Brody was trying to take the toy nice and aggressive of him.Brody opened one of his dresser drawers and Zachary looked at me like "is he supposed to do that?" He was just trying to help keep everything under control! :)Brody kept trying to hug Zach. He was so sweet to just to sit and let him! It was very sweet of Brody, but he is still a little forceful when he hugs and kisses! My boy and me after out friends left. He looks tired.

My heart might explode....I love them both SOOOO much!


Emily said...

So cute! I can't believe what 10 months difference looks like... Lincoln is 10 months old and he will look like Zach in another 10 months.

MegMac said...

Hello Jennifer! I recently started following your blog and wanted to say "hi!" [It makes me feel less creepy when I've at least introduced myself, haha!!] I came across your blog a few days ago--I've been following Kelly since February-ish. Your son is adorable and I'm saving that recipe for cowboy chili--it looks delish! Have a great weekend! ~MegMac

4shepherds said...

How cute, I have 2 girls that are 25 months apart and they are so fun to watch. They love to play together and the oldest LOVES to be the boss.LOL

Jessica said...

Harbor has the exact same cookie jar with the purple lid. Shapes are in my cookie jar, triangle, heart and star... That song makes me crazy!! Ha!
Is that the same one Brody has??