Sunday, September 27, 2009

10:55 Service

Today was the kick-off for the new 10:55 Service at our church! Josh and I have been looking forward to it for several weeks now! I am volunteering as a greeter two Sundays a month, and Josh is on the set-up team each Sunday morning. I love that we each have our place to serve in this new service!
Here I am in my shirt. I loved wearing this and jeans to church this morning! It made for an easy decision when I was picking out clothes last night.
I can't even begin to tell you how AWESOME the service was this morning. I walked in right as it was starting since I had been in a different part of the church directing people to the service. When I walked in and saw the crowd I almost started to cry. They were having to put out more chairs and the room was so full of people. It turned out that there were 303 people there this morning. That is huge considering it was our first Sunday and only 100 of the 303 were the group that was helping start the service. That means 200 people were there besides us! The goal was to have 400 people by December but I think God can completely blow that number out of the water and we are praying he will! I can't wait to share with y'all all the great things that God does and how the service grows!

Of course in the midst of the excitement there always has to be something random that happens so our little thing was that Brody boy has rotavirus. Sweet. I called my mom last night and told her I would stay home with Brody any other Sunday but I COULD NOT miss this morning. So we worked out the perfect little plan. Mom and Dad went to the 9:15 Service and were out by 10:30. We got to church and handed Brody off to them in the foyer and they headed right back out with him and took him to their house so we could attend the 10:55 service. I'm soooooooo thankful they live up here!

He hasn't had fever and has acted perfectly normal minus the excessive diapers. Y'all they stink so bad it makes us gag and we don't gag on our own child's dirty diapers. We talked to the pediatric nurse last night and she told us we were doing exactly what we needed to be doing and it should be gone within 5 days. We also talked to our friend who is a PA this morning and she said the same thing. I just trusted her more because she is a mom, too! :) We started Pedialyte yesterday and he hates it. I even bought a few different flavors and he doesn't like them but we force it down. I think since we do not let him have juice, he isn't used to sweet, sugary things like that.
We picked up lunch and took it out to my parent's house since that is where B man was. It is such a gorgeous day so we ate lunch on the back patio! My family thinks I'm nuts for taking pictures of everything we do but I told them they will thank me one day when they have every day of their life documented! :) Haha!
Hope you had a wonderful Sunday at church as well!


Jenna said...

That is SO awesome about the 10:55 service. God is awesome!! And you look so cute in your shirt!

I am so sorry about the baby boy. Hope he gets better soon. Poor guy!

Hope ya'll have a great rest of you Sunday, my friend!

Summer said...

I found ya from Kelly's Korner. I have commented a few times. My little girl Kelcee had RotoVirus when she was smaller she is 3 now, and we too had the same problems with Pedilite because we didn't give her much juice at that time. We found that the Pedilite Popscicles worked best.... She loved them.... It's worth a try huh.... Glad you was able to make church.... Hope Brody gets well soon.... P.S. My BFF's hubby is also a PA and he says that kids usually will go for the popscicle version of pedilite best....

Julee Turner said...

You forgot to mention that JuJu totally fulfilled her aunt duties by changing 4 EXPLOSIVE diapers while keeping Brody man last night!! HA! :) It was good practice at least!

Kelly said...

Poor little Brody! Hope he's better soon!
That's awesome about your church service - I hope you will keep us updated on how things are going! I know God will bless you! It's so great to find ways to serve at church, isn't it???
You are SO lucky to have your parents here. There are many days I wish mine lived here too.

Superchikk said...

I hope Brody is better soon! Those diapers are gross.

Caedmon will drink Pedialyte because I tell him it's juice...I'm a horrible parent, aren't I? I've also used the unflavored kind and mixed in some 100% fruit/veggie juice with it to give it a familiar flavor.

If you can't get him to drink Pedialyte, go for Gatorade or Smartwater. They both have electrolytes, though the Smartwater won't have the sugar or dyes.

Katie said...

Jennifer ~ I'm so glad it went well. Excited to see what GOD is doing and will do through that service.

Ashley said...

Girl, I heard it was fantastic! I was so glad to hear the outcome! Nick posted that 302 people attend!! WAY COOL!! ;)

God is soo good!!!


Megan said...

So awesome about the church service! I love your servants heart, it seems like those are so hard to come by these days! keep us updated on how the church service grows. I totally agree that God will blow that number out of the water! And I hope Brody gets to feeling better soon, those yucky diapers are no fun!

Harris Family said...

I hope Brody is doing better. I have heard rotavirus is terrible! I told Flint about the new service and told him if we ever move back we are going to that one! We still get all the mail and emails so we keep up....even though it kind of makes me sad. We had started going to Pinnacle Hills about a year before we moved because we liked the more contemporary service. This sounds wonderful.

Burtons Blessings said...

gave you a blog award! check out my post!

darnold23 said...

Congratulations on the success of the service. We will be in NWA this weekend (imagine!). I will be passing on an award to you later this week. You might be watching for it. Put a brick on Brody's head:)