Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weekend Fun

We have had a great, but full, weekend!
Friday night, our church hosted a family night at the Aquatic Park. It was all young families from our church that attended. It was such a fun night! We met up with some of our friends and were able to just play and visit. Brody had a BLAST! He is such a water baby! He loved every minute of being there.
Little man crawled around the pool!

But sometimes daddy helped him walk!

This was Brody under one of those mushroom water fall things. He LOVED it! He went crazy every time he and Josh would run in and out of it!

Saturday morning, Josh went to play his usual Saturday morning game of disc golf with some friends from church. This particular morning, Melissa and I decided to tag along and bring our boys. Melissa has a little wagon, so we just hauled the boys around in it. Brody had a great time. It was fun watching Josh play.

Josh and Chris had just finished up playing when I took this picture. They were hot and tired!

Brody was busy making important phone calls on my his blackberry while they finished up playing.

After we got home, my mom and I went shopping. She and my dad are going to California next weekend to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary, which is on the 17th. She needed some new things for her trip, so we hit up several stores. I think we were gone for 4 hours. It was nice to be able to get out of the house alone.
While I was gone, Josh and Brody had some guy time. They ate, napped, and then went to watch the Razorbacks practice football. They seemed to have had fun together. I was so ready for some Brody kisses when I got home though.

Brody got some news toys from my parents this weekend. One of the new things included this basketball goal for his bathtub. He loves playing with it.


Emily said...

He's so cute! I need to get Lincoln some new toys for the tub!

Lea Liz said...

so so cute!! Brody has that basketball hopp toy that Timmy just had to get him, he can't really play

Mary said...

That basketball goal is such a great toy--My son is afraid of it ?? but my daughter loves it. I just read your honeymoon post and we went to Cabo too. Such a beautiful place and those all-inclusive places are perfect for a honeymoon. We stayed somewhere else but the views looked similar. Lately we've said, I don't know how many times, we've got to go back to Cabo without the kids to really enjoy how lazy you can be there :)

Jenna said...

What a fun weekend! I love that Brody is a little water-bug. And a mighty cute one at that!

Glad you and your mama had a fun shopping day! I am sure she loved having you to help her pick some cute stuff for her big trip. I step in as wardrobe assistant for Deb a lot too. Gotta keep those mamas looking good!

Ya'll have a GREAT Sunday, sweet Jennifer!!

Megan said...

Fun weekend! That picture of Brody with the phone is so cute!

Mrs. Dwiggins said...

He is just the sweetest! I like his sunglasses how cute!

Nothing Else Matters! said...

I love Brodys strategically placed toys! Boston likes "cooking"with every cup or bowl she can find and putting it in the tub! I wish we were back in Fayetteville.. I miss it more than home!

Kristi said...

I gave you a blog award at my blog today.