Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy 10 Month, Brody!

Can you believe Brody is 10 months old today? I know I am having a hard time believing it.

Tonight, we had our monthly cake! It was swimming pool themed and was extra cute!
Brody was asleep before every one got here. I don't think he remembered that we were having cake tonight!
He wished that he could get his hands on that cake. Only 2 more months and he can dig into one all by himself!
Brody had a little cake. I like the way I make organic baby food, and then, I feed him cake! Ha!
The three of us!

Allison got to come have cake with all of us tonight!

Brody has had a busy month learning and growing. Here is what he has been up to this month!
  • He now has 8 teeth! They have all grown in completely. We really love that he has them and can eat a lot of different things now.
  • He had meat for the first time this month. He likes it pretty well. He also eats a lot of table food now. Making good use of the 8 teeth.
  • He wasn't the biggest fan of sleep this month. It was not fun for any of us, considering we have been used to him sleeping through the night for the past 8 months! We did several middle of the night feedings for about 2 weeks. He also despised nap time. He got to enjoy many hours of "crying it out" this month. Thankfully, we have moved past this phase and are back on track! :)
  • He is saying several words... "hi", "bye bye", "dada", "mama", "ba" and "bo". Ba is what he calls his food. Not sure why! Bo is what he calls his boat he plays with in the bathtub.
  • He waves "bye bye" to everyone and everything. Even when we aren't leaving!
  • He loves to just stand in his crib and talk to things in his room.
  • He is into everything! Nothing is safe in our house and he cannot be left alone, even for a second!
  • He can drink through a straw and loves to try out all our Sonic Drinks! Sometimes he back washes, but I guess that's part of learning!
  • He is still scooting /crawling, but he does use both legs now.
  • He pulls up on everything and can stand holding onto things as long as he wants.
  • He climbs on top of things or into things as well.
  • He can stand alone for several seconds, but it scares him, so he usually sits down.
  • He can pretty much do any kind of moving task, except walking alone. I feel like we are still a couple of months away from that.
  • He finally moved up to size 3 diapers! And I think he may break the 20lb mark this month! Haha!
  • He still nurses 4-5 times a day. It is making me sad to think our days of nursing will be coming to and end in the next few months. I really have loved it.
  • He still takes his paci....I don't see that changing for a while.
  • He is just sooo much fun! I love this age!

Happy 10 month, Brody! We love you soooooo much!


Emily said...

Brody is growing up so fast and he is such a cutie.

Maybe he says "Ba" for food because he is trying to say bite? I say bite to Lincoln all the time and he knows what bite means.

I am jealous that Brody has said mama... still waiting for Lincoln to do that.

Laura Ann said...

Happy 10 months Brody Boy. I can not believe he is already 10 months old. Wow, time flys, huh?

Okay, you girls from Arkansas have me really wanting some Rick's Bakery Cake. Anyway you can just mail me a piece and I can eat it with a spoon. Yummy.

I am so glad you have kept up with this tradition, it has to be one of the cutest ones I have seen. Great Job Mommy!

His Doorkeeper said...

My, the time has flown!! I can't believe sweet Brody is 10 months old already! I have loved seeing the monthly pictures (and cakes!!)! He is darling!

That is a great picture of Josh, Brody and you together!
Frame-worthy, I'd say!!


Kristi said...

I love that cake. It is so cute. Your baby is starting to look like a little toddler boy. He is growing up.

Kelly said...

I love reading what Brody is up to - makes me see what I have to look forward to. He really just gets cuter and so big every month!
I love the cake!
I thought I would be SO ready to end breastfeeding by now but I can tell I'll be sad when it's over. ;-)
You are SUCH A great mom!!!

Mary said...

He sounds precious! He for sure IS precious :)

Todd and Courtney said...

I think you should send some cake over to TN :) Those cakes are awesome. We totally need a bakery here where we can get cute cakes that aren't like $100.
Cute photos! Brody and Lauren would totally be buds. They sound just alike!

Leah said...

Such cute pics of him!! How is he liking the meat? Perri has only had chicken but seems to like it pretty good but now will not eat baby food... its pretty frustrating and I'm having to get creative on finger foods....grr. Anyhow, just wanted to see how Fenugreek worked for you? My supply has plummeted and am thinking of starting to take that to help. Just wanted your input?

Megan said...

I love this months' cake. Very cute!

Heather said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! I was so sad, too, when Connor turned a year old and I stopped nursing. It is such a neat time!

Katie said...

Happy 10 months, Brody!! His cake is so cute (as always!). I love how they did the writing on there...I wish I was that good with icing!! I'm sure that is why they are the professionals, and not me...thank heavens. ;o) How do you come up with all the ideas for his cakes???? (Jack has been in a size 3 diaper since 8 kidding! And he's over 17 pounds....he's such a big boy!! Obviously, right?!)

Lea Liz said...

Happy 10 months to Brody!! Too cute~ He sure is growing up!!!!!! Brody is laready 20 lbs and hasbeen wearing sz 3 for awhile, I have a big boy on my Your Brody is just too cute!!!!

Katie said...

Love that pool cake. What a great idea! I can't believe he is already TEN months!

Sarah Fries said...

I have to say, Brody looks like he is finally getting some meat on his bones! He looks so cute and grown up!

Annie said...

My little Blake has the exact same handsome :)
10 months seems like such a fun age. Blake is 7 1/2 and I can;t wait for him to satrt doing some of the things that Brody is doing!

Julee said...

Sad I missed the 10 month party! Very cute cake!!!