Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Weekend

We had a fairly busy, but fun weekend!
Friday night, we dropped Brody off to attend FNO at church while we went on a date to the Arkansas Naturals' Baseball game. We had a lot of fun just hanging out and talking. It was so hot, but because the game was far from being sold out, we were able to move seats and sit in the shade. Eating ball park food for dinner! It was sooo good Saturday, my mom and I left my house at noon and drove to Benton (3 hours) to attend a wedding of some family friends. I grew up with the couple and their parents have been friends with my parents for years. I gave Josh and Brody the week off from attending a wedding. Mom and I stayed for just a short time at the reception and then headed back home. We got back to my house right around 9:00.

Josh and I then spent from 9-12:30 trying to convince Brody to go to bed. He wasn't the biggest fan of going to bed and screamed his head off demanding that he NOT be put into his crib. We were about to lose our minds. I have decided that every time I brag on how great of a sleeper he is, he reminds me that he knows how to stay up. He woke back up at 5:45 and decided that 5 hours of sleep was enough. I hate to say we were tired because I know some parents would die for 5 hours straight, but we honestly were tired!

Sunday, we went to church. Then, we came home and again tried to convince Brody that he really wanted to take an afternoon nap. Does anyone see a pattern here? Finally, at 3:00 he fell asleep and slept until we went to a birthday/swimming party. We had so much fun just visiting and hanging out with church friends. Brody was so tired after we left. He was in bed by 8:15. Thank you, Lord.
He loved hanging out in Zach's little crab floaty! (He looks really red in this pic but he wasn't. This was taken with Josh's iphone and isn't the best quality but I forgot my camera!)

I have a random question for you moms and it has nothing to do with my weekend, but I started taking Reglan this week. I had some issues that I will not go into on my blog, but because of them, my milk supply had decreased significantly, so I started Reglan on Thursday. So far it is really working well, but my stomach has hurt on and off since I started taking it. I was just curious if any of you had taken it and what your experience with it was.

Hope you have a great Monday!


Laura Ann said...

Brody is so cute in that floatie...we need one of those for our BIG BOY!

I hope you are feeling okay and are able to continue nursing. I have never had any experience with that medication, so I have no advice to offer.

I hope all is well with you and I am lifting you up in prayer this morning.

Angela Cliff and Sam said...

(ran across your blog from Julee's... I am the sister of Julie K's at Metropolis) ANYWAY! I had to take Reglan for milk supply and it made me have some major anxiety and just feel strange overall. It is used primarily as a med for people with stomach problems but it just happens to increase milk production. So you are pretty much taking it for the side effects but if it is making you feel bad then you should definitely ask your doctor for a different prescription!

Kelly said...

Harper was on reglan when she came home from the hospital and it made her crazy. I took her off right away. I've read it has a LOT of side effects. She took it for acid reflux.
Bless your heart - I hope you get it sorted out soon.
And don't worry about complaining of no sleep. When you are used to good sleep and get non - it's harder! I hope Brody starts sleeping better.

audrey said...

Hi there - I don't remember how I found your blog, but I love reading it. I have a little boy born October 20. Anyway, I had to stop nursing around 6 months because of some milk supply issues. I also tried taking Reglan, but the side effects were so bad I had to stop. Mostly it made me extremely fatigued, but also so anxious at the same time, my hands and arms would literally tremble and I couldn't sleep. I had some "stomach issues" while on it as well. My husband is a pharmacist and he told me that it's intended use is actually for people with bowel problems. Increased milk production is just a side effect which is why it's prescribed for nursing moms. Good luck, I hope it works for you!

Leah said...

Jennifer- Brody is adorable in the little crab floaty! I love it! Perri has one with a little canopy thing but that crab is way cuter! No experience with Reglan, but I have noticed lately that my supply has decreased big time. I've started taking some Fenugreek trying to get it back but I haven't seen much of a difference. Let me know how Reglan works. Do you think the supply decrease has to do with the exercising and running? I wonder that, but then again I dont want to give up my running haha

The Allens said...

Oh my gosh! I bragged on Aaron all week about how he just gets laid down in his crib and goes to sleep without crying. Then my parents stayed this weekend and he didn't go down without SCREAMING once. And he wouldn't even cry himself to sleep like in the old days. I swear he would have cried indefinitely! Uggg. Babies will make a liar out of anyone.

I had milk suppy issues and take Fenugreek. It's worked well for me. I got it at a health food/vitamins store. I couldn't find it at the regular drug stores (Walmart, Walgreens).

ryanandjessicaepp said...

I struggled wiht my milk supply and as well as some others started taking Fenurgreek. I took the full allowable dosage for a couple weeks along with pumping and trying to nurse more... and drinking a lot of water. It was a pain, but it worked. 3 months later I still daily take Fenurgreek. I enjoy reading your blog and hope this helps! :)

Oh by the way, my husband started calling me Mrs. Buttersworth because it tends to make you smell like maple syrup!

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Don't know your issues, but have you taken a pregnancy test? My supply dropped drastically and it hurt to nurse/pump....I don't know anything about Reglan though so it could just be a side effect from those. Also, if Brody isn't laying down and fighting it pretty hard...that was the only way to tell Lilly had an ear infection. Ok, I hope neither one of those is the case for you (unless you are wanting a #2) and didn't mean to be a negative nance but just two things to watch for. I am sure everything is fine. Debbie said she saw you guys! How did you find your mommy's group? We need to get together. We are going to KC Wednesday for a long weekend, but other than that...I am usually pretty flexible!

sammewallace said...

Hi Jennifer,
Brodie is such a cutie! I found out about your website when I ran into Marilyn at the store last week. I'm glad to hear you have a wonderful husband and beautiful child. Also that you are able to stay home with the baby.

Charles and I have two kids; Evan is 5 and Olivia is 3. We'll be married 24 years next month! Crazy! See our family at or My mother, Marguerite Keenan lives with us now. (you may not remember her...)

You are a beautiful young lady. I can't believe how much you look like your mom! I still think of you as a child with a ponytail atop your head! :)

I've missed seeing your family and have prayed you are all well. Tell everyone hi!

Samme Wallace

Todd and Courtney said...

Oh Jennifer, I took Reglan because I had a horribly low milk supply. I could only nurse Lauren once a day up until she was 8 months old. It was so frustrating! Reglan was HORRIBLE! It made me feel so strange, my stomach hurt, and I was beyond tired all the time. I took it for 2 weeks & had to stop and have supplemented with formula ever since. Lauren also took it for Reflux and made her crazy, like Harper. It was awful!

Katy S said...

I hope Brody's sleeping habits work out. My little one had me up all night Friday night!
I too had to take Reglan to increase my supply after being in the hospital for an illness and surgery. My anxiety was horrible, I truly didn't know medicine could have those effects on people. After being on it for three days my husband had to rush me to the ER because I was having tremors all over and my neck had become pretty much paralyzed. SUCH horrible memories! I would call your doctor right away if you are having any problems with it. It is not my friend.

Hope things get better. I have been trying different things too, for milk supply. So far fenugreek worked for me, but it upset my stomach. Let me know if you find anything that works.

Mandi said...

It's hard when our bodies get accustomed to sleep and then it's taken away! Maybe Brody is cutting another tooth? D's sleep is always erratic when he's cutting teeth.

Your weekend sounds like fun...minus the sleep deprivation! :)

Jenna said...

I've never personally taken it but B was on it and it was HORRIBLE! There is a pretty big lawsuit going on with reglan too...The side effects are that bad!

Brody is adorable as always!

Heather said...

Jennifer- Hey! I know you already got lots of comments, but I have been given reglan in an I-V for my migraines. I had horrible side effects....mainly the anxiety/anxious feelings people have described and also just a haziness...not even like a drowsy haziness but a weird kind. I would try to lie down and couldn't even lay still...I just felt like all my nerves all over my body were crawling with something....if that makes sense.
I think my S-I-L took it for milk production, too, but I can't remember if she had any side effects. I hope everything gets worked out....I love breastfeeding and I know you do, too. Brody is precious as usual....I love that crab floatie!

Jenna said...

I swear ya'll have the cutest little fam! Glad ya'll had a good weekend (minus Brody showing ya'll who's boss on the bed front). Hope your Monday has been awesome!

Katie said...

Bless his heart, momma, there's just so much fun stuff he doesn't want to miss...he just can't possibly sleep and miss it. Goodness, he's a big man now...sleepin' is for sissies. ;o) OH, I remember when Amelia decided that 4 am was wake-up time. She did for almost a month! We (the bad parents) would put her in her playpen in our bedroom, turn on Sesame Street, and let her stand there and watch it for an hour, while we would doze in the bed. We were exhausted!!! Thankfully, it only lasted a few weeks, and she was back to sleeping.

He looks precious in the crab floatie!

Regarding Reglan...I've never taken it before. I have only recently read that some nursing mothers are prescribed it for supply issues. I work as an ICU nurse, and we give it to our patients (in IV form) for GI nausea and to increase bowel motility (Did you ever think "bowel motility" would be on your blog??? HAHA!). Since I'm not familiar with it as a means to increase milk supply, I'm not sure how it works in that way. But since one of it's mechanisms of action is to increase GI motility, maybe something related to that is causing you stomach discomfort. I wouldn't be surprised. I hope you get all of this worked out with your milk supply. I'm going to start praying for you right now about it.

By the way, you have got the prettiest teeth I've think I've ever seen. I hadn't noticed them till just now. Gracious! :o)

Leigh said...

Brody is so super cute! I found your blog through Kellys Korner. It is so cute and we go to FBC Springdale too! We haven't joined a small group because I was always in a bible study with some other moms I knew. But I totally agree with you... the Fireworks at the Crosses were difinitely awesome! Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for sharing. I just love reading it!

Superchikk said...

C was a late summer/early fall baby, so by the time summer hit, he was a big boy and I noticed my milk supply started dwindling. I had to really increase my water intake, and that seemed to help a lot. I mean, LOTS of water! I also drank some tea for nursing moms. You can get it at Ozark Natural Foods, and it definitely helped. Email me if you want the name, I think I may still have some in the pantry.

I never took Reglan, but gave it to my dogs when they had tummy issues. I know it stimulates the GI tract, so I wouldn't be surprised if your stomach is bothering you. The vet explained to me that it actually makes the stomach & intestines contract, which could cause all sorts of...discomfort, I would imagine!