Friday, July 31, 2009

Night at Camp

Last night, the three of us headed to Siloam Springs to visit some friends from our church in Benton who were there for children's camp. Our church used to take the youth there when I was in middle school, so I spent a few summers at Siloam. I had not been there since I was in 7th grade ('97), so I was very excited to go tonight. Pretty sure not ONE THING has changed. As a matter of fact, we walked into the worship center and I remembered the smell! It smells exactly like it did when I went. Weird how smells trigger your memory!
Brody was trying to wake up from the 30 minute car ride.

We got there about 6:40 and met up with our friends, so we could attend evening worship with them.
This is my friend, Laurie. She is the Preschool/Children's Minister for the church. I interned under her my senior year of college. It was my dream job....until I had a baby, of course! I also started babysitting for Laurie's son Shawn when he was 6 months old and I was about to be a Senior in high school. We go way back! :) She is one of my favorite friends. We still see each other when we go to Benton every month and we text message several days a week, so we stay in good contact.

We went to the worship service. It was great! The music was wonderful and the speaker was great as well. It's funny how a message intended for children can speak to adults as well. I really enjoyed it!
Brody LOVED the praise music! It was SO LOUD and we were worried he would cry, but he laughed and squealed the entire time. Josh put him on his shoulders so he could see. He LOVED it! He got so excited that when it was time to sit down for the message, he kept squealing and laughing. I tried to put his paci in his mouth so that he would stop, but he pulled it out and started laughing again! So he and Josh went outside and strolled around for a while.
This is my friend, Laura Kate. Today is her 9th birthday! Our families were good friends from chuch. I also taught her swimming lessons one summer while I was in college. She is such a cutie! She got so excited when she saw me tonight! She gave me a big hug, then she asked me if Brody was my baby. Later in the night, she leaned over and asked me how many kids I had! Haha! She said it had been a really long, long time since she had seen me because she said I wasn't even pregnant the last time she saw me. I told her the last time we saw each other was my wedding which was almost 2 years ago. She said that was a really long time ago. I loved it! Glad it felt like a long time to her because it sure has flown by for me!

We had a fun time catching up with friends. They were going to have pizza at 9:30 during their group time, but we couldn't stay that late with Brody, so we left after worship and stopped and got really healthy snack...hamburgers, fries and diet cokes. They were really good though!


Aishlea and Brandon said...

I know what you mean about smell triggering so many memories! That happened to me last weekend when we visited the boy scout camp that my dad had worked at for lots of summers as I was growing up! :)

Katie said...

Haha! Look at that sweet face singing with the praise music!! Bless his heart! :o)

Jenna said...

That sounds like so much fun! I love the picture of Brody up on Josh's shoulders...soooo cute!

Anna said...

Long time reader, first time commenter.....
Love you blog, Brody is precious.
I went to Siloam too, I think early 90's, fun times!

Jenna said...

Ya'll are just the most fun little family! Loved all the pictures and so glad ya'll had a great night. And I am a total supporter of late night hamburger/fries/diet coke snacktimes.

Hope ya'll are having a great Friday!

Kyndal said...

Love, LOVE seeing your sweet lil boy praisin' Jesus! Looks like you guys had so much fun!

Kelly said...

I LOVE that ya'll went to Siloam!!!!!!!!!
I wish we would have been there at the same time!
P.S. I went to OBU with Laurie. She was younger than me and I didn't really know her but I recognized her from your post!!!

Eric and Leslie Warford said...

Oh neeeeeext tooooooooooooo my home, I love you Siloam..... :)

I am so jealous! I'll bet the worship center was very cold...and the dorms are still burning hot!!!

That little boy sure is growing--such a cutie!