Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 9 Month, Brody!

Our little cutie is 9 months old today!Here is a picture of the cake. The bakery that we use was closed for the week, so we used another local bakery. I think they did a great job! The cake tasted just as good as the ones from Rick's. The side of the cake was really cute as well!
Eating a few bites of cake. He loves it!

Brody and Big DaddyMom was singing Ten Little Indians to Brody. Apparently, she does it a lot with him because he started pulling her fingers up as soon as she started singing!

Here is what Brody has been up to this month...

-He is crawling like a speed racer! We cannot believe how fast he can get around the house.

-He pulls up on things and stands. He also climbs all over everything. No piece of furniture is safe in our house these days!

-He says "dada" all the time and "talks" a lot.

-He waves at people and says "baba" for bye bye. Sometimes he gets confused and will wave and say "dada" instead of "baba". It's so funny!

-He says "Hi" but it sounds like "I" and he says it really high pitched and drawn out just like I say it to him. It's really funny to hear because it sounds like he is mocking me.

-He went swimming for the first time this month and LOVES the water. He also will go completely under water and never cries when he does.

-He eats ANYTHING we give him. Even some green veggies these days. He is also eating some table food now.

-He cut 2 more teeth this month so now he has 7. I think #8 is on its way in now!

-When he gets angry, he chews his crib. He also chews it when he is bored and doesn't want to nap.

-He has shown a few signs of separation anxiety this month, but it pretty much ended as soon as it started.

- He still sleeps great, except we have had to move his bedtime back for the summer. It's like his body knows it's still daylight outside at 7. Most night we shoot for 8 or 8:30 and he sleeps until 7 or 7:30.

- He still takes two naps. A short morning nap and a long afternoon nap.

-He spends most of his day crawling and playing on the floor and spends about an hour total in his exersaucer during the day.

-He drinks a TON of water everyday.

-He is still nursing. (My goal is to do it to one year)

-He is in a size 2 diaper and 6 month clothing and a size 3 shoe. His feet are rather large.

-He is incredibly cute, sweet and precious and we are incredibly in love with him!


Kelly said...

I love reading what Brody is doing and thinking ahead 4 months! :-)
He gets cuter every day! It's so fun to watch him grow!
And I love the cake and I'm glad it was good! Crisis missed!
Happy 9 months Brody!!!!

Emily said...

I love it when babies are 9 months old. I think thats when they are the cutest!

Brody sure has grown alot and is so handsome!

He sure has had a busy month!

Jenna said...

Aw! Happy 9 months Brody! Where did you end up getting your cake at? It turned out great!

Emily said...

I just wanted to applaud you for wanting to nurse for a full year and to encourage you to keep on nursing. I know how hard it is sometimes to nurse, but also know how rewarding it is. My goal was to nurse my first for a year and then it went to waiting for her wean herself. Today, I am still nursing her (she is 2). I nursed her through my second pregnancy (it was tiring, but I wanted her to wean herself) and then when my milk came in full force with my second (who is 5 months now) she was like in heaven. The benefits for you and Brody are priceless and you won't regret it. Anyways, Happy 9 months to Brody!

BTW...has anyone told you that you remind them of Kayla off So You Think You Can Dance? Maybe it is just the blonde hair or maybe I'm just crazy. :)

Kelly said...

Happy 9 months Brody!!!
Love the cake.

he he he my word verification word is foodi...even it knows this post has cake. ;)

Megan said...

You had nothing to worry about the cake looks great!!!
I love his hair in the pictures!

Amanda said...

That cake is super cute! I'm glad it worked out! He is so precious and I LOVE the mohawk, very cute!

Heather said...

What a cutie and what a great cake, too!
I nursed Connor for a year and I am so thankful I did and was able to!!! Hopefully I can do that with Avery Kate, too.
Hope you had a great weekend!