Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dinners and Birthdays

I usually make all of Brody's baby food, but this week we decided to try meat (gag!) so I went to Walmart Monday night and pretty much bought one of everything. I just want him to try all of it before I make any of it. Last night for dinner, he ate sweet potatoes with turkey. It was like Thanksgiving in a jar. He enjoyed it. We didn't so much enjoy the diaper, but that's really not what's important.

We went out to my parent's house last night to eat with them. My sister and Brandon ate with us, too. We rarely eat together during the week because of everyones' busy schedules, so it was fun to be able to hang out last night. My mom made beef enchiladas and chicken enchiladas. They were so good!
All 3 of us had on workout shorts and t-shirts! Brody's workout shorts are very cute on him!
Brandon and Jill

At one point I saw my mom sitting on the floor like this playing with Brody.Then, I looked over and she was laying on the wood floor letting him grab her face. It cracked me up! Brody's birthday plates, napkins and bib came in yesterday. I was excited to get them! They are so cute in person. I am getting very excited about his first birthday, even though I cannot believe it's almost here! I am going to have his name monogrammed on his bib in yellow. I think it will be cute for him to wear when he eats his cake. Also, I want to wish Julee a happy birthday! She is just the most precious friend. I love that God placed her in my life when he did. I think you have a few friends that feel like family, and Julee is defintely one of those people to me. I am so thankful for a friend who loves my family and me as much as Julee does. Happy Birthday, Julee! We love you soooo much and cannot wait to celebrate with you tonight!

(Julee-I almost told them about the dog cage and how that probably started our friendship. That was also the night I rode in your car and you made me sing rap songs, which is even funnier now that you know me. That's really where it all began! Hahaha!)


Kelly said...

Brody is just SOOOOOO handsome. He is going to be the cutest boy!!! I really want to sign up Harper for an arranged marriage. :-)
Happy Birthday to Julee!

The Allens said...

Are you a vegetarian? Or are you just gagging over baby food meat which would be understandable.

Leah said...

Such cute pics!!! How did you come up with his bday theme? I love it!! I am searching around on the internet now looking for ideas for Perri but I am drawing a blank- any ideas??? Also- I've only made chicken for Perri but it's super easy. Just boil some chicken breasts and then when they are cooked I tear them up a bit, through them in the blender with some water and that's it! It becomes somewhat pastey, but when they thaw (I made them into cubes) it becomes more like shredded chicken. I've been meaning to make some pork but havent gotten around to it. And yes, it adds to the stinkiness of the diaper.. ick

Ryan and Sarah said...

The birthday party is going to be so cute! It helps that you have cute decorations but, Brody alone is cute enough to have a party for!!!! Hope you all are having a great week!

Mrs. Williams said...

Cute pictures!! I really like the tourqouise monkey party theme!!

Katie Spinks said...

I can't wait to see Brody's birthday party all put together - so cute!! he is such a sweetheart I love his little work out shorts!! :) hope your doing well!

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Can you believe we are planning first birthday parties already??!! Love Brody's theme.

Jenna said...

Seriously - how darling is your little family! I know I say it in like every comment, but I cannot help myself. :-) And I love cute Brody in his gym shorts!

So glad ya'll had a fun night!

Heather said...

Brody is looking so big and grown up in these pics!!!
What a handsome sweetie!