Thursday, July 16, 2009

Brody's little bruise

I promise the rest of the beach pics will post this week. We just keep having situations that I have to post about instead!! Haha!

Seriously, we have had our share of drama this week. Tuesday, the dog food. And yesterday, a bump on the head. Welcome to my new normal. Here is this story. Before I tell it, I promise this is really how crazy I am in a traumatic moment and how calm Josh is during one. If I had a video of last nights episode, I could win some big money.

I was exhausted by the time Josh got home yesterday. Like wiped out. I think that reglan is making me very tired, among other things. About 5:45, I decided I was going to lay down for a quick nap before we ate dinner. Brody and Josh went into our bedroom to crawl and play, while I laid on the couch.

I'm pretty sure I had been asleep for about 12 minutes. For real. 12 minutes. Josh walked into the living room and said, "Jen, Look at this. Brody bumped his head." I opened my eyes and immediately my brain went to work. Was it morning or night time? Was it still Wednesday or Thursday? Where in the world was I and when did I fall asleep? I was so out of it. I couldn't even figure out why I was asleep on the couch. It took a few seconds for my mind to get straight after those 12 minutes of sleep. Or coma. Either one. Which one of us bumped our head? Me or him?

Josh handed Brody to me and I looked at his tiny, little red/purple spot. No big deal. Just a little bruise. So I handed him off to Josh and started to lay back down. Within 15 seconds it had grown to marble size. I sat up and kind of blinked my eyes really hard. I thought my contacts were out of focus from sleeping for 12 minutes. They weren't.

I screamed, "that thing is growing!!!"

Josh remained calm.

I jumped up and ran to the computer. I pulled up Yahoo because I was going to search for "big knot on 9 month old's head". Don't think I'm joking, because I'm not. I knew there had to be a medical term for this thing. Big knot didn't seem to qualify. I turned around to ask Josh what to call it. He was calmly sitting with Brody behind me. I realized the marble was now a rock on his head. It was very purple, and big, and sticking out. Like a unicorn but on the side.

I took Brody from Josh and I held him for a minute and seriously watched the thing grow. At this point it has been about 4 minutes since he bumped it. All the sudden I was overcome by panic. This is where it gets good. And yes, this is real life. I'm ashamed to say that.

I sat Brody on the floor and said, in my best "I have the situation under control. I am the mom" voice, I said, " WE HAVE TO GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S GROWING!!!!!!!!!"

So calm and mature of me.

I then sat Brody on the ground and ran out of the room with my phone. Why you ask? Because I didn't know what else to do. I was in a panic. I started trying to think of who I should call and ask what to do. Then I remembered, I was the mom, not the babysitter. I made the decisions. Stay focused, Jen! Breathe in. Breathe out.

I ran back into the room loudly saying, "this is bad. we have to go to the hospital. this is so bad. this is big. we HAVE TO GO NOW. to the hospital. to the emergency room."

My sweet husband, whom God knew I needed in my life, slowly and calmly says, "OK do you think so?"

Did he not hear what I said? So I repeated. "This is bad!!! We HAVE GOT to go to the hospital!"

This is now the part I am ashamed of the most. Oh BTW, Brody is on the floor sitting and talking and playing the entire time. He was never crying or in pain. Just laughing and as happy as he could be. So I told Josh to call the urgent care number for our pediatric clinic while I went to the bedroom to change clothes. and then the thought crossed my mind.....

Did I have time to take a shower and wash my hair????

What in the world???????????????????????????????????????????

There was a knot the size of a softball, OK small rock, on Brody's head and I was concerned about a) what i was wearing and b) how my hair looked at the ER. I'm sick. The real issue was that I never took a shower after I ran 3 miles that morning and I was still in my running clothes and my hair was WAY nasty and in a greasy pony tail and I had on no make-up.

Josh called the urgent care and I hear this convo as I am walking out to go get ready to take my son to the ER.

Hi Rhonda. Josh Francis. How are you? I'm doing well. Thanks(He doesn't even know Rhonda for Pete's sake!) My son, Brody, it will be under Joshua Brody, bumped his head while crawling and has a little bump on his head. (Hello little bump.) I was just going to see if we needed to bring him in. Yes, it's puffed up and is purple and red. It came up immediately after he hit it. No he didn't have a high pitched scream. No vomiting. No his pupils are not dilated. He is just laughing and playing on the floor. Sure. We will watch him and bring him up if anything changes. Thanks so much Rhonda. Oh and my psycho wife made me call and if I could get some anxiety meds for her so she will not freak out tomorrow when he bumps his head again, that would be great.

OK I made up the last part. But i know he wanted to say that.

I was so relieved to know baby boy was OK. Really SOOOOOOOO THANKFUL. Praise the Lord! And also so relieved that our first trip to the ER with baby would not be with my greasy hair and running clothes.

Lesson learned. I will be taking a shower after my run in the morning. Mark my words!


Emily said...

You crack me up! Lincoln has gotten two little bumps over his left eye from crawling or trying to climb onto things.

I can just imagine what you will do if he "really" gets hurt. LOL!

Besides he is a boy... he is going to have plenty of bumps and bruises.. sad to say! Thats just what boys do.

Kristi said...

that is hilarious!!!! You crack me up, I can't believe you freak out so bad. You sure don't come across as a worry wart. He does have a good size bump. He is a big boy to not have even cried. So funny that you learned a lesson, and it wasn't to not freak out it was to shower. Girl, you are silly.

Blissfully Enamored said...

i just laughed SO hard at your story!!!! poor little brody and his bump!!! but i am so glad that he is okay!! :)

Todd and Courtney said...

You are so funny! I seriously laughed out loud! Lauren falls all the time, just randomly as she's sitting up. Babies are too funny and clumsy!

Ryan and Sarah said...

thanks for the great laugh this afternoon but I think I would be the same way! I am glad he is ok! Oh and I saw you running yesterday morning too!

Megan said...

Oh my goodness I am glad he is ok. As a fellow freaker-outer I'm sure I would have been a basketcase also! However this story was completely funny. I like how calm Josh is. We need good strong CALM men in our life! LOL.
And I can't believe how similar our 'long dating' stories are! When we got enaged everybody would say "Its about Time" I thought it was so rude! Sounds like you could write a book about it also!

Megan said...

Oh, and at least you had a baby pretty quickly after getting married so you don't have to hear that question all the time!! :-)

Lea Liz said...

Oh my you are soo funny girl! But Listen I am not saying anytihng because I would probabaly be the exact same way in a situiation like that with my Brody! We of course our going to freak because it's our baby!!!!! It was okay.. and plus you were basically in a coma, had you been wide awake when it happened it may have been a little different :)
Glad Brody is okay!!!!!

The Allens said...

God Bless You! I love your blog!

Jenna said...

You have me rolling over here!!! Poor little man, but really poor you! I can understand, I'm the same way!

Kelly said...

TOO funny!!! I love it, bc I was the same way.
Only difference being my son was 4yrs old and ran into the hutch. AND we were scheduled for an MRI that morning.
I was concerned with what the nurses would think happened to him.
Glad he is OK and you all survived.
Oh & I think it is perfectly normal to think about the shower & hair etc. It is not like you would take the time to do that in a TRUE EMERGENCY!!!! ;)


You crack me up! Wish I was a fly on the wall! When my mother took me to the doctor sometime when I was a toddler she was nervous what they would think about all my marks! She kept saying, "that was from this, this one was from that..." The doctor interupted her and said, "Cathy, I'd be worried if your child didn't have bruises and bumps!" Kinda makes sense! It won't be the last bump he will get! Perfectly normal!

Lisa said...

HAHAHAHA you crack me up!!!! I seriously am LOL!!!
Poor Mommy Jen, I know it's scary! He's so cute just sitting there. I had to take a double take at first. He reminded me of Liam McDermott... but much cuter of course!

Julee said...

Another very funny story by Jfrancis! I just love you! the really weird thing to me is that you are normally so calm and put together and this having a baby is bringing out a new much less calm you! :) Its ok though because you are great mommy!!

darnold23 said...

Okay, sorry. I just had to laugh. Brody will survive - not sure about you:)
Beginning August 5, I will be hosting Crock Pot Wednesdays on I hope you will join me. THERE WILL BE PRIZES:)

Anonymous said...

Aww... he looks so pitiful in the first picture. Once little ones are on the move, there are all kinds of bumps and bruises. Glad he's okay. :)

Superchikk said...

It's the opposite at our house - I'm the calm one and Husband is the one who freaks over everything. I think every family needs one, of each.

Jessica said...!! Girl, you had me laughing out loud!! I don't blame you though- that is a big bump! What a story!!! Ha, ha! : )

Julie said...

i love this post. exactly how a new mom is and should be. on the second or third baby...then you might want to call in the anxiety meds! ;) I have two boys and a girl. Perfect example... Our first fell off the bed....frantic call to pediatrician's office. Couldn't sleep all night checking to make sure he was okay. Our third fell off the bed the other day. Reaction: bump but acting fine, must be fine! Boys bring lots of bumps and bruises. Blood won't even phase you soon. Glad he is okay, though! He'll be tough and mommy will get mentally tough in the process!! Its hard to be a mom!! You are a great mom, greasy pony tail and all!

Katy Hill said...

Too funny! I must say the thought would also cross my mind whether or not I had time to take a shower!

The Haymans said...

Not sure how I found your blog, but your HILARIOUS!!! And the sad part Brody did the same serval times, and I reacted the same way. You just never know. We called and they said to watch for vomiting and I remember thinking...and then what? Do something for him now, all the while, Brody is giggling at Daddy playing with Elmo. Seriously, why do the boys get that "daddy-never lettem see ya sweat" gene and we get the "crazy, over protective momma" gene. Seriously!!!

Dianna said...

This post is absolutely hilarious!!!!!!!!! Of course I am sure it wasn't at the time.
I know this is kinda of a late comment but I recently found your blog through Julee's and I have to read blogs from the beginning when I start following them.

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