Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beach Pics

I realized I totally slacked getting our beach pics and stories up in a timely manner so basically this post is a load of beach pictures with very little writing. I think this is officially the biggest picture post in the history of blogger. Feel free to stop when you have seen enough! :)

I feel like I have no time to blog these days. Brody is just keeping me so busy because he is soooo active. I cannot leave him alone for a second or he climbs a piece of furniture or eats something that he isn't supposed to eat, but I am loving every second of the craziness. Since he is my first priority, my blog suffers so just hang in there with me. I promise to get a little more consistent in the next couple of weeks! Hope you enjoy the pictures!
He loved his baby pool in the shade!
Josh and I got to go on a date one night while his parents kept Brody.
This was our dinner that night. I love crab legs!
I strategically held Brody over my stomach all week long! Ha!
Brody helped me eat Special K in the mornings. Look how tired I look in this picture! Ha! Brody didn't like to sleep on our trip!This is the little tent we borrowed from our friend, Debbie. Brody took his naps in it so we didn't have to go back up to the room during naptime.
In the tent during naptime. Josh read the newest John Eldridge book at the beach.
Do you see the line he colored?! I was so proud!I think he is just beautiful! When he is older I promise to say handsome.

He ate A LOT of twiced baked potatoes on this trip. This was at lunch one day.

Playing patty cake in the shade!
Josh and I are not on fire....that is just the sun.

This is how the little mister slept all bed with us. The pack n play situation was just tragic. He would sleep in it until about 12 or 1 then was in bed with us the rest of the night. We don't do this usually but on vacation all the rules go out the window. Isn't he so sweet though?


Emily said...

Loved the vacation pictures. Brody is such a cutie and it looks like everyone had a fun time.

Kelly said...

Sometime in the next 6 weeks - I SERIOUSLY want to come to F'ville and meet you and Brody for lunch so you can tell me all your tips on a beach vacation with a baby!
You looked beautiful in all your pictures - you would never know you had had a baby - you are so thin and perfect!!!

The Allens said...

I loved this post! I've missed your blog the last few days. And I completely understand things going out the window when you're on vacation. Any time something is different the sleep is wildly interrupted in our house!

Katie said...

Those are all great pictures! How sweet is that one of your two men in the sand on all fours?? We have one of those baby cabana things that we always put Jack Jack in. We had it for Amelia, too, and it's so handy. I love that blue and brown dress! You look gorgeous in it. Where did it come from? Gorgeous! And, honey, shoooo, let me tell look awesome! I do not think you need to hold a baby in front of your belly, I just don't believe it! Haha! I don't think there is a baby big enough (and Jack is BIG) to hide my belly!! Haha!

Julia said...

Girl you got sunburnt didn't you?!?!? What a sweet baby boy :) You look great!!!

caycee said...

I love all the pics! You are so crazy putting Brody infront of your tummy,you look awesome!! I have missed your post lately, but totally understand Brody keeping you busy!

Lindsey said...

Loved the vacation pics Jen! Looks like you guys had fun!!!

Megan said...

Girl you are so stinking cute! I love those dresses (the long brown and the long black one) where did you get them? Looks like you guys had a great time! Was this your first vacation with Brody? Looks like you made a lot of great memories!

Melissa said...


I agree with Kelly. You look beautiful!! I hope you are enjoying your summer. We are having such cool temps here in the ATL.


Melissa said...

I love all your dresses! What a great trip! Have a great weekend!


Mandi said...

Thanks for sharing all of these pictures. I just love beach vacations and it looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Can you believe we still haven't taken D to the beach yet this year???

Sarah said...

Brody's face has changed so much since he was a baby...still handsome of course!!

I love love to have your body! I have a 19 month old and can't seem to shake the weight off yet!!! So u r way ahead of me. Be proud of your new mommy body.

Katie said...

Love all your pics! It looks like you guys had a wonderful time.

I can't believe how fast Brody is growing. He is beautiful and handsome. ; )

Just wait until next summer, and he'll be running everywhere!

Superchikk said...

I'm glad ya'll had a good time. And seriously? Brody would sleep in a tent on the beach, but not in a pack n play in your room? That's a silly little boy!

But at least he would sleep in your bed. We tried that whole sleep with us thing when we went out of town once, and it was literally one nightmare after another. We learned a valuable lesson - our boy needs his own space, and so do we!

Jessica said...

You are tiny! You look awesome! I love Brody in all the that pretty, white sand.