Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beach Pics-Days 1 and 2

I finally am getting around to posting our beach pictures from 2 weeks ago! The rest of the week will just be beach picture posts. Then, I can get back to regular blogging! Hope you enjoy them!

We left Fayetteville on Father's Day afternoon and drove to Benton (3 hours), where we met up with Josh's parents. We left from their house and drove to Jackson, Mississippi (5 hours) and spent the night there. That was close to the half way point in our trip. Needless to say we were ready for a break after 8 hours in the car. We took our car and Josh's parents took their car because we had so much stuff!! Brody did AWESOME in the car. We were able just to drive until he needed to eat or have a diaper change.

Josh and Brody during one of our stops Sunday night. (Josh wears glasses when he works at the computer or drives at night. He is like an old man.)

Monday, we headed out around 8:00, after little to no sleep for Josh and me. Brody isn't a fan of the pack n play, so he basically he spent the entire night between us in bed. :)

The lack of sleep didn't bother him. He was very happy in the car!

I fed him in his car seat some so that we wouldn't have to stop, so we had a little quality time in the backseat together.

We stopped and ate lunch at Cracker Barrel. He looked like such a big boy in his high chair. We ordered him the veggie plate off the kids menu and he ate it all up!

We got into Destin around 3:00 and unloaded everything into our room. Then we changed clothes and headed to eat at the Crab Trap. It's one of our very favorites! Brody ate some corn on the cob with his dinner. Now that he has 8 teeth he can work the corn for sure!We got back to the condo fairly early so we took Brody down to the pool to let him swim. He loves the water and loves trying to swim.

Brody and Josh by the beach.

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Kristi said...

OMG, that is the cutest thing. Babies in water is so sweet. Seeing your pictures and hearing about the Crap Trap has me so anxious, we are leaving for Destin August 21st. We can't wait. Hopefully my girls will be as good as your little man. Great pics.