Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Procrastination Post/ Random Info

I'm procrastinating doing things around the house, hence the name procrastination post. It's now 11:15 and I needed to do laundry and clean my dirty house tonight. The reason I have done nothing for the past hour is because the HOGS just won after 13 stinking long innings in Omaha. I like baseball for the most part, but I LOVE the HOGS, so of course we watched!! GO HOGS!

The rest of this post in random. I am seriously in a blogging slump and have not taken near enough pics this week. Forgive me Brody for not properly documenting Month 8, Week 2 of your life. I promise to make it up next week when I take 5000 pictures. OK, baby?
Last night, Brody was a little fussy around bedtime, so Josh sat on the couch with him and within 5 minutes he was asleep. I think he just needed a little cuddle time with his daddy!
Brody totally sprayed the front of my leg today right before I put him in the bath tub. I took his diaper off and held him for about 10 seconds before I put him in the water. Apparently, I should have just stuck him straight in the water. Fortunately, I was still in my workout clothes!
I just told Josh I didn't have much to blog about, so he wanted me to take a picture of him and tell y'all he is trying to grow a beard. So random! I do love him for his randomness though, and because he is so cute, too! (He will be shaving that this weekend. He just doesn't know that yet.)

Last night I was on here and happened to scroll down to look at the counter. I knew I was getting close to 100,00 hits, and would you believe that I just happened to hit it right on the mark?? Haha! I took a pic to prove it.

Ok, going to tackle the laundry, because you know it's never ending around here! :) I promise to take some pics of our boy tomorrow!


Kelly said...

I stayed up watching the hogs too!
I'm laughing about Josh wanting to tell about his beard.
That is one thing I like about girls - no pee spraying (but don't worry - she has pooped on me enough times to make up for it). I've given up on ever having clothes without getting something on me (drool, spit up, etc)

Katie said...

That is one of the things I've had to get used to...the spraying! And, my goodness, that can reach some good distances!!! I was so shocked the first time it happened. I've always heard about it, but NEVER DREAMED it could go so far! Hahaha!

That is so funny about your husband's beard! Mike always lets his facial hair grow a little when we are on vacation. We call it his "vacation scruff." It can be there on vacation...but as soon as we come home, it's time to go bye-bye!

Megan said...

Everytime I change my nephews diaper I am so afraid of the spraying pee. I wish my hubby could grow a beard but he doesn't have enough hair on his face! Ha! He could grow a mustache but I definitely put a stop on that one.

Julee said...

I told Josh on Monday that I really liked the scruff! If he kept it short but not to be growing out a full beard!I think he looks older with it. I bet it doesnt feel good to you or Brody though. I am so worried every time I change B's diaper bc I am afraid of getting peed on!! So far so good... how much longer in diapers? :)
Thanks for stoping by last night and can you please get a web cam so I can see Brody on the nights I dont come over! HA! :)

Kristi said...

I stayed up watching the HOGS too. What a great game. I am a huge baseball fan as well. That is too funny about Brody spraying you. I am always nervous about that when I change Gage's diaper, but so far so good.

Laura Ann said...

Those boys will get you everytime, won't they? Gavin has stopped doing that, but I am sure it will return one day.

Oh, I have been thinking about you a matter of fact every morning when I brush my hair, well at least on the days I brush it. No kidding, I brush every other day now...and just pull it back on others. I am losing hair like a mad woman. I am going to be bald by the end of the month, I just know it. It is way worse this time.

Did you ever find a remedy? Please share if you did.

Let me not forget...Brody is the cutest litte thing.

Have fun at the BEACH...I wish we were going....we have opted on a little local place that is about 4 hours away till Gavin gets bigger.

Safe travels to you and your family if I don't comment before you leave.

Superchikk said...

Oh, sweet Brody! He was a worn out little boy!

And yeah, it only takes them a split second to spray everything once that diaper comes off, so we leave it on until the last possible second around here. I've had the bathroom hosed down enough times!

Katie Spinks said...

your too cute and so is Brody!!

Heather said...

GO HOGS!!! We totally stayed up and watched, too! My hubby was pumped!
I soooo remember getting sprayed by Connor-boo a million times! The funny thing is, like Kelly, Avery Kate doesn't pee on me, but she does poop!! :)
Hope you have a great night tonight!

Jessica said...

That Josh is so funny! : )

Todd and Courtney said...

So funny about being sprayed. Lauren pooped ALL over my husband at dinner in Hilton Head. I seriously have never laughed so loud in my entire a restaurant!

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