Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Weekend

We ended up having a great weekend, even though it started out with Josh being sick. Seriously, who wouldn't have a great weekend with this sweet boy?!! Haha! He is SUCH a ham!

Friday night, I took Brody over to my parent's house to spend the night, and then came home and took care of Josh. He basically slept all night, so it was pretty easy. His fever finally broke late that night, and by the next morning he was feeling good again!

Saturday morning, we slept late since Brody wasn't home to give us the 7:00 wake up call! I remember looking at the clock when I woke up at 9:00 and smiling because I have not slept 10 hours straight since August. (That was about the time I started losing sleep from pregnancy!) It was a REALLY good feeling! Brody isn't even the direct cause of my lack of sleep. It's the things I have to get done after Brody goes to bed that keeps me up until midnight. Then, Josh's alarm goes off at 6, so my body is just used to 6 hours a night now.10 hours was amazing!!

After we got up and got around, we ran out to my parent's house so I could feed Brody. We left him there after he ate since Josh hadn't been fever free for 24 hours. We had no idea what to do after that. Funny how you forget what you did without kids! We went to eat BBQ, then we went to Lowe's and bought some things for the yard. We went home and worked on the yard. Josh cleaned the windows on the outside of the house. I attempted to mow and mowed one strip and quit. I'm not even that girly, but I hated mowing! Then, we cleaned the inside of the house really, really good, so that we could bring Brody back home without him getting sick. We went and got him late that evening. We were soooo happy to see him!

Sunday, we went to church, then our small group had a lunch cookout at a nearby park. We all ate and then, the guys and two brave girls played ultimate frisbee. The rest of us girls sat in the shade and talked. It was so much fun!
Brody hanging out at the park!
Ultimate frisbee! Baby Owen catching a little nap in the shade. He loved laying on his blanket in the warm weather! I could seriously eat him up! He is sooo cute!

Sunday night, we decided to go to the drive-in movie! We took Brody with us and it worked out great. It's really close to our house so we knew we could get back home within 5 minutes if we needed to. He stayed awake and played for a little while, then slept the last half of the movie in his car seat. The movie Up was showing. It was so cute! It was a beautiful night and we had so much fun watching the movie outside!
Here is Brody at the drive-in. Probably right before he fell asleep! :)


Mandi said...

A drive-in movie theater sounds great for parents with small children! Wish we had one here...we never go the movies anymore. :)

Katie Spinks said...

I know I say it lots but Brody is so cute - he looks in that first picture like a little ham but he is way too cute!! I dont blame you I dont enjoy cutting the grass either - that I leave to my husband... what a fun weekend you had - glad Josh is better now!

Megan said...

So fun! I haven't been to a drive in movie in forever!! That first pic of Brody is adorable!

Julee said...

Ok... That first pic doesn't even look like Brody! He looks so different in all these pics! Weird! He really is growing too fastI just love this little man!