Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy 8 Month, Brody!

Look who is 8 months old today!
It's hard to believe we are only 4 months away from his first birthday. We love him more and more every day! My heart honestly almost explodes on a daily basis because I love him sooooo much! Being a mom seriously is the best thing ever. This is my favorite age so far! Wait, I think I say that every month. It's crazy though, because I seriously love each stage more than the one before. I have loved every stage he has been in, but the more he is able to do, the more fun we are having with him.

We did a little beach theme tonight with the cake and his shirt since Brody is going to the beach for the first time in less than 3 weeks! (Well he went when I was pregnant but that doesn't count!) Check out the cake! Isn't it so cute??? They girls at the bakery keep telling my mom that we are really going to have to have an amazing cake done for his one year since we have spoiled him with a monthly cake. Don't worry. I have already started brainstorming for the perfect cake!

And if you are wondering what the sand was, it was brown sugar! Oh my word. Those were the best pieces of the entire cake because of all that sugar! He has this little cake thing figured out now! Look how high Jill had to hold the cake. He was getting a little restless!
Look at how he has grown!
A pic with our big boy!
Brody and his ONLY girl! ;)

Brody has been a busy boy this month! Check out what he has been doing!

  • His top two front teeth came in on the very same day! And I noticed today that another tooth is coming in at the bottom. That's number 5!
  • He is crawling more and more. And by crawling, we mean army scooting!
  • He pulls himself up in his crib and can also pull himself up off the ground if you let him hold your fingers. It's amazing how strong his little body is!
  • He can say dada and mama, although we have only heard mama about 5 times and dada about 5 million times. It is the sweetest thing I have ever heard!
  • He bites momma all the time. Especially when she feeds him. It hurts more so bad with those 4 teeth!!!
  • He cracks himself up! Sometimes you will just play and jabber then he will just die laughing! It is so entertaining to us!
  • He started eating Cheerios this month. We go through a lot of those between Brody and daddy!
  • He is still not a fan of green veggies. It's very hard to get you to eat anything that is not orange or yellow!
  • He still sleeps with a blanket over his head.
  • He is in size 2 diapers. He wears 6 month shirts/onesie and 3 month pants. He's a skinny boy! His little pants look like capris.
  • He is still a great sleeper, although at times he just refuses to go to sleep and stays up late playing! As long as he isn't fussy we are totally fine with it!:)
  • He still nurses 5 times a day, eat 3 good sized solid food meals and has a morning snack of yogurt as well as an afternoon snack of cottage cheese and Cheerios. Yum!
  • He is the absolute love of our lives! (In case there were any questions!)


Kelly said...

I can't beleive how big he is - so adorable!!!! I love comparing those pictures!
That cake is awesome!!!
And his clothes sizes make me laugh. ha!
When Harper starts biting - that's the day I quit feeding. ha! Not really - but with her teeth coming in - I bet I'll be bit soon!
We are going to the beach when Harper will be 8 months - so you'll have to give me tips when you get back.

Lindy said...

Hi Jennifer,
I found your blog through Kelly's Korner and love reading about your family. Brody is the sweetest thing. Here's my question :)... How do you stay sooo skinny eating all those birthday cakes? I think I've gained 5 pounds just looking at them. Ha!

Katie said...

Oh my word...EIGHT MONTHS!!! WOW!!!! I cannot wait to see his 1 year cake! Especially after all these BEYOND CUTE monthly cakes. I was wondering what the sand was! Haha! He's just getting cuter and cuter...enjoy your time as Brody's ONLY girl because I'm pretty sure he's gonna be popular with the ladies! ;o)

(Okay...and my seven-week-old Jack is in a Size 2 already! That is too funny!)

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

He IS so CUTE! Lilly is petite except for in her booty and thighs..haha..we say she has "junk in the trunk". Brody is such a cutie! I can't believe how much he eats!! And that he has 5 teeth! Lilly is going through a phase where she asys mama and NOT dada...I am really enjoying it!! Brody--you are such a strong, smart boy!!! Little girls watch out!!!!!

Kristi said...

I can't believe he is 8 months. I also can't believe mine turned a year on Tuesday. Crazy how time flies now that we have little ones. Jennifer he is adorable. I love his shirt, and the cake had to have just finished the theme. It turned out so cute. I wish we had a great bakery like that down here. I just ordered the girls cake for their party on Saturday and had to use Harp's Grocery Store. The two bakeries I have tried here are not very good. I did make their cupcakes for Tuesday night and planned on making their cake for the party but quickly found out I just don't have the decorating in me. We are going to the beach in August and although my girls will be 14 months they will probably be close to how Brody is now, so let me know what you figure out that you needed but didn't have. Again he is precious. Keep enjoying him.

MELISSA said...

he is getting so big! 8 whole months.. wow!
and i think he is looking more and more like his daddy. is that just me?

Jenna said...

He is just the cutest little thing! I love his cake!

darnold23 said...

Amazing! Eight months already-- he us just so cute! We take a beach tent and a small wading pool with us. you will need a plastic bucket,too. We keep the pool under the tent and fill it with fresh water so the babies have a non- salty place to play. Works great. G and I take the Tahoe loaded with toys, beach supplies,etc while E and family fly:) We look somewhat like the Beverly Hillbillies on tour , but we get beach time with the babies so who cares??? We have portable crib, highchair, etc that you can borrowbig you want. Just let me know. When are you leaving?


thats hard to believe girl. he is soo precious. i think he was a lil over a month old when i started reading your blog. and he is just cute as a button. i love the little cakes, too cute.

Heather said...

Love this month's cake and you are so right...he keeps getting cuter and cuter!~!!
I love the pic of you and your boy- so precious!
Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Todd and Courtney said...

LOVE these pictures and the beach theme is awesome. The cakes always look delicious! We're taking Lauren to the beach Tuesday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed she's not one of those babies that hates the sand :)

Julie said...

i look forward to seeing the cakes for each month! He is so adorable.

Emily said...

That cake looks so good! I love the theme!

I can't get over how adorable your little man is. He is getting so big and grown up! I told my husband that Lincoln was staying home until he was 30 and I would be the only woman in his life. I couldn't imagine ever letting him leave.

I have been comparing Lincoln to Brody too.. Lincoln is a little porker. He weighs 20.1lbs and is wearing 9 to 12 months clothes. I put on a pair of 3 months pants for him to sleep in and they looked like capri's.

Sounds like your doing a great job!