Monday, June 29, 2009

Fireworks at The Crosses

Last night, we attended an event hosted by our church called Fireworks at The Crosses. There was live music, followed by 117 baptisms at the foot of the crosses, then, at dark, there was the fireworks display.
We had a great evening with family and friends. I was a little nervous about Brody sitting through the fireworks. I thought he would cry or it would scare him, but he didn't even jump! He just sat in our laps and watched. At one point he started cooing and talking to the fireworks. It was really sweet! In a cute little 4th of July outfit. He has 3, so he will be decked out most of the week!He was feeding himself. I love how serious he looks in this picture!

Brody and Gigi

Our friend, Baxter with Brody. I love this picture!Allison and Baxter ( they are engaged!) and Jill and her "friend" Brandon. I think she thinks we are stupid. Haha! I'm just saying.....Jill and Allison. We have known Allison forever. She grew up with us in Benton.Josh and Brody watching the fireworks.

I'm sorting through beach pictures and videos. I didn't figure y'all would want to see all the hundreds of pics so I will try to narrow them down a little!:) Hopefully, I will have some up in the next day or two.


Crystal said...

Brody is too cute in his 4th of July outfit and hate! Can't wait to see pictures from the beach!

Mrs. Dwiggins said...

So glad you guys had so much fun!!! & I just love Brody all dressed up for July 4th he's so stinkin precious!

MomApoo said...

We had so much fun with yall!! I am glad you took lots of pictures because I didn't even think to bring my camera - oops.

Jenna said...

We almost went and then thought that B wouldn't make it - he gets cranky at bedtime. I was hoping we'd be able to see them from our house but no such luck - we could hear them though!! Love Brody's outfit!