Monday, June 22, 2009

25 Random Facts about Brody

A while back, everyone was doing the 25 random facts about themselves. I thought I would do 25 random facts about Brody. Some of these things you will know if you read the blog, but some things will be new info for you! Have a great Monday!

1. Brody's first name is Joshua. His middle name is Brody.

2. He was born on his due date, October 3rd.

3. His was born via c-section after almost 12 hours of labor. He weighed 8lbs 5 oz and was 22 inches long.

4. He was our little surprise baby and was born 5 weeks before our one year anniversary!

5. We thought about naming him Rhett David. Now, I cannot imagine him not being named Brody.

6. He is Josh's only blood relative, since Josh is adopted. ( We never think about that though!)

7. He started rolling over at 5 1/2 weeks old. Then, he started rolling the other way at 11 weeks. He is a rolling machine.

8. He slept 7 hours for the first time at 2 weeks ( I slept through his feeding and he didn't cry to wake me up). He started sleeping 12 hours straight at almost 3 months.

9. Even though he started sleeping in his crib at 2 weeks, he would always stay in bed with us after his 4:00 feeding until he was about 8 weeks old.

10. He hates his pack n play with a passion and has never slept more than an hour or two straight in it.

11. He still lays in bed with me for his morning feeding at 7. That's his cuddle time with mommy!

12. He sleeps with a lamp on at night. He also sleeps with a monkey rattle that I call "baby" and Josh calls "monkey."

13. His room has vanilla/tropical air freshener, but he still manages to make it smell like poop.

14. He has 7 teeth.

15. He loves to play with highlighters. With the caps on, of course.

16. He likes the blow dryer and thinks it's funny if we blow dry his hair!

17. He is the only grandchild on either side.

18. He never wears shoes. He always grunts until he gets them off, so since it's summer, he goes barefoot everywhere.

19. He is obsessed with door stops. We hear him playing with them all over the house.

20. He poops at the same time everyday. It's like clock work.

21. Sometimes we call him "Bro Bro", "Bo Bo", "Brosif", "Brodifis", and "Baby Brody".

22. His favorite toy is the stacking rings.

23. Instead of saying "Hi", he says, "I". It is sooooo cute!

24. He uses his left hand the majority of the time.

25. He went to his first Razorback tailgate party at the stadium parking lot when he was 3 weeks old! We parked and had about a 15 minute walk to the party, so we just strolled him there and back. We are serious Hog fans.


Leah said...

Happy Father's Day to Josh as well!! I love following your blog and keeping up with you guys since we're way down south now haha!! Brody is so dang adorable and hopefully we can get up to Fayetteville (we are planning coming in the fall for a game or two!) and meet you guys!! I loved the 25 things about him! We think Perri might be a lefty as well, as she pretty much only uses her left her, or it's definitely the dominant hand right now, and she only sucks her left thumb. Hope you guys are doing well!!!

Kelly said...

I love these!!!! Brody is so precious! I didn't know Josh was adopted - that's neat!

Kyndal said...

I love your nicknames for him! So cute. I might have to steal this idea! Have so much fun at the beach!

Katie Spinks said...

this was a fun post to learn about Brody and your family more!! hope you have a great day!

Jilly said...

Wow -- you might be well on your way to potty training this little fella if he poops at the same time everyday! What fun to do 25 random facts about your little man. :)

Todd and Courtney said...

I love this! So cute. Have fun beaching it!!

Katie said...

I love #13...hahahaha! Bless his heart! And "Brodifis" hahaha...that is so funny! That is such a cute family picture of y'all. I just love your hair.

Erin said...

My little girl is Left handed, or so we think she is and she always favored her left hand when she was a baby!

Very fun list! Thank you for sharing!

Jessica said...

Brody is adorable! I bet hearing him day "Hi" is the ultimate! : ) I'm looking forward to when H is talking! :)

Still on vacation??

MELISSA said...

my bday is oct. 2nd!

Julee said...

I love all of those facts and I could add more! :) I just love him so much and I really really miss yall! See you Sunday!

LYNDEE said...