Friday, May 15, 2009

Who does he look like?

I think anytime a baby is born, people ask who does he/she look like. Well, we get asked this question a lot. Some people think Brody looks like me. Some people think he looks like my dad, which he does, because I look like my dad. A few people say they can see Josh. To be honest, I can see Josh in some of his expressions, especially when he smiles. They both have a cute little dimple in their chins and they look alike when they smile. I will have to say that the more I look at baby pictures of me, I think he is a mini me. What do you think??
Me as a baby
My sister texted me the top picture on Thursday night and the text said, "who does this look like?" Brody had just left their house so when I first received the text, I thought it was a picture of Brody from last night. Then I saw that the baby had a dress on and I realized it was me. Even I will admit he looks a lot like me in this picture. I might or might not have rubbed it in Joshy's face a little! He doesn't mind. He keeps telling me the next one will look like him. That's completely fine with me because that will be one cute baby as well!


Kristi said...

WOW! He is his momma's boy. Too Cute. That is how my girl's are, Lexyn is identical to my baby pics and Brittyn is like her daddy. If she was fat their baby pics would be identical. Ben was a very fat baby!

Mrs. Dwiggins said...

He looks just like you!!! And I must say he is a little angel!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Julee said...

I see you a lot in him but this picture for sure shows how much he looks like you!! I wonder if you were as SWEET as he is! :)

Jessica said...

Your blog is adorable and I really liked your guest room post. And he definitely looks exactly like you! So cute :-)

Laurie said...

He is very cute. He DOES look a lot like you did. Precious.

mrs shortcake said...

WOW - identical, much? He's getting so big, too!