Thursday, May 28, 2009

Random Thursday Thoughts

1. Josh and I went out for a couple of hours last night while B stayed with Gigi. While I was getting ready, Brody crawled/scooted into the bathroom, so I decided to fix his hair. I spiked it and sprayed it with a little hairspray so it would stay put. He loved looking at himself in the mirror with his hair fixed. It was very similar to someone else in our house who likes to look at himself in the mirror after he gels his hair in the mornings. Brody must get it honest!

2. My new favorite thing is this tantalizer from Sephora. It's basically body make-up. You put it on and you have an instant tan. Then, it washes off in the shower. It's different from self tanner in that it only lasts the day you put it on, it comes off with soap and water, and you don't look orange. I'm telling you, I'm in love. I used it the Saturday night when I wore that pink and white dress to the wedding and it was amazing how tan I looked when really I'm ghostly white.

3. Speaking of a tan....we are going to the beach in 3 1/2 weeks and I have a few concerns. The first concern is my last little bit of belly/baby fat is not welcomed in my swimsuit. I'm working on it, but it's not cooperating. It just will not fall off. Let's all hope that with daily visits to the treadmill at the gym it will soon go away. My second concern is spending 13 hours in the car with Brody. We will do 3 of those hours to Benton on one day, then drive 10 the following day. Oh goodness! He's an AWESOME baby, but even I whine in the car after like 5 hours! Maybe you should start praying now! We may just decide to live down there for the next two years instead of driving back the next weekend! :)

4. Brody loves cherrios. He has been snacking on them for about 2 weeks now and he can't get enough of them. I laugh so hard when I hear him chomping on them! He works those 4 teeth like a pro! His new thing is to "hide" them in his bib. If I need 30 minutes to do somethings in the kitchen, I will put him in the highchair with cherrios or a teething biscut. That gets me enough time to unload and reload the dishwasher or clean off the counter tops. I can also keep an eye on him since he is in there with me. I kept seeing him stashing his cherrios the other day and it made me laugh. I don't think he figured out he could reach back in and get them, but he did figure out how to put them in there!

5. Brody loves to "read" in the bath. Some days I just stick Brody in the sink if I need to hurry and give him a bath after he has eaten. I know he gets bored because it's not as fun as the big bath tub so I gave him this book the other day and he loved it!

6. I leave you with this video. I think I may change my name to "dada"!



Mrs. Dwiggins said...

this video is too funny!!! My husband & I did the same thing! At that age Garrett would really only say "da da" but now that all changed he's a mama's boy now!!!

So you'll have yours soon enough!

Kristi said...

I have 2 of those "dada"'s in my house. I have never heard momma yet and they will be a year old Tuesday. They are in speech therapy and the therapist said the D is lots easier than the M. I am sure they don't really mean "dada" but those dads sure think they do! He is too cute. Does he watch tv, like Praise Baby or Baby Enstein? That may help occupy him on the trip. We are going to Destin in August and I am a little concerned as well, but lots of books, sound toys, and movies will help.

Amanda said...

Oh my word! That video is hilarious! I just love him, too cute!!!!

Mary Lynn said...

We took Lucy to the beach at 5 months and she did great with a dvd player when she wasn't sleeping. She had never watched videos before that and she enjoyed both praise baby and baby einstein. Mama will come....dada always comes first though. Its fun to hear Lucy learn to talk...we are Cephie and Bobo, but she sometimes calls us sassy and babboo!

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Haha...that is funny. Lilly wouldn't say "dada" for Matt in front of DeDe and Grandpa Mike. Those babies just don't perform on cue!! We were going to go to the beach until our trip back now we are going to spend an extra long weekend in Kansas City and go to the zoo, a baseball game, and some other stuff. We usually go with the whole family (to the beach), but between pregnancies (Jennifer and me), plant shutdowns (Bert), and coworkers on maternity leave (Becca) just didn't work out. So we were going to go it alone...again, until "the car ride". Haha. Anyway, we do need to get together and let Brody and Lilly play. I was so bummed out when I heard we just missed you guys!

Megan said...

I am going to have to check out that tantalizer stuff. I was about to cave in and hit the tanning bed, this could be my saving grace! Thanks!

Katie Spinks said...

once again Brody is too cute - I am sure you will/do look fabulous in a swimsuit so you have nothing to worry about dear - I understand wanting to move to the beach - who wouldn't!! but I hope you guys have a great vacation when you go!!


I love that tantilizer! It's addictive, especially for us fair skinned girls!