Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Weekend

We had a really good weekend. We didn't do much, but thats the way we like to spend our weekends! Friday, Brody and I hung out around the house. I needed to finish up on laundry and do a few other things around the house. I had to put Brody in the crib to play while I vacuumed the house that morning because now that he can scoot/crawl, he chases me while I vacuum. Maybe that's a sign he likes it and will want to vacuum for me when he gets older!He didn't seem to mind playing alone though and ended up falling asleep sitting up a few minutes after I took this picture. I guess it's hard work to have so much entertainment in your crib!

Friday night, we took Brody to FNO and Josh and I went to eat in Rogers, then ran to Target and Hobby Lobby. We went back to get Brody and once we got home, Josh asked me if I lost an earring. Um no. I had only worn one earring the entire night and they were big gold hoops. I have no idea how I didn't notice. Once I thought about it, one ear did feel lighter than the other the entire night, but I thought it was just in my head. Haha! Good thing I still have my mommy brain!:)

Saturday, we just ran a few errands then came back home so Brody could take a nap. That afternoon during Brody's nap, we walked in to find this!Brody was mad and I guess decided to just stand up and tell us all about it! I'm normally a "cry it out" kind of mom and I really don't mind letting him cry during his nap. I know he will eventually fall asleep, but for some reason, which I know is totally a God thing, we went to check on him after 5 minutes of crying and we found him standing up, hanging over the rail of his crib! I almost cried!! Josh walked in and picked him up and I just stood at the door with my hands over my mouth trying to figure out how he learned to do that and thanking the Lord that he didn't fall out. He hasn't even hinted that he knew how to stand up on his own, but apparently he does, and in record time, too! So Josh got to spend a few minutes lowering the crib. It didn't seem to bother him that he was missing his nap!! Haha! We finally put him down for a late nap at 5:00 and he didn't wake up until 8:00 Sunday morning. We didn't mean for him to go to bed at 5, but I guess he was tired. He was really happy after those 15 hours of sleep!!!!!!'

We went to church Sunday morning. It was a great message and probably my favorite so far in the series our pastor is doing. Then, that afternoon I helped host a baby shower for Abby. She and her husband, Mark, are in our small group. They are having a baby girl named Ava Kate in June. I guess I was too busy talking because I didn't take a single picture! The shower was so fun though!

Sunday evening, we hung out and played outside a little. Then, we tried to put Brody to bed at 7. He didn't want to got to sleep so I waited a little while, then nursed him again, then tried to put him back down. He was still awake crying. So, we did something we have never done before, which was put him in the carseat and drive him around in the car until he fell asleep. We got to the end of our street and he was out! Josh and I just decided to go driving anyway. It was good talk time for us and Brody didn't seem to mind that we were out and about! Haha!

One more thing, Brody found his top teeth this weekend! I think he is very proud of them! Haha! He just rubs on them. I'm sure they are still a little sore. Isn't this so cute though??

Have a great Monday!


The Allens said...

I had a somewhat similar experience this weekend - Aaron fell out of his swing!

Kristi said...

That is kind of crazy because when I saw the first picture of Brody playing in his bed I thought, wow she hasn't moved his bed down I guess he isn't standing up yet, then a few pics down there he was. I ran into the same thing. It is scary when you go and there and they are barely in their crib, frightening for sure. Jennifer, he is the cutest baby boy I have ever seen. I just love his features. I would love to see him in real life. Aren't children definetly a gift from God. Keep having fun with your little miracle, because you will be like me in a few months, crying because you just scheduled his 1 year birthday party for 2 weeks away! They grow too fast.

Mrs. Dwiggins said...

Wow Brody looks so much older in the last picture! 15 hours of sleep...somebodies having a growth spurt!!!!

Sounds like an amazing family weekend!

Julee said...

I am so glad he didn't fall out his bed!! I need to come see the new lowered crib today and see my cute little man! I miss him! :)