Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Weekend

Brody loves the weekends! Can you tell?? His momma and daddy love them so much, too! Friday, Brody and I went to lunch with Gigi and Jill, then Brody stayed with Gigi while I ran a few errands. My mom and Brody matched that day! (It wasn't planned!) They looked like Waldo! Haha!
Saturday, there was a break in the rain (which has been going on for like a week) so Josh went and picked up our new kitchen table. We had ordered it two weeks ago and it came in on Monday, but because of all the rain, we were just able to get it yesterday! I'm not for sure if I am keeping the bowl or getting something taller. Anyways, I really like it!

Last night, Josh and I went to a couple's shower for our friends Ryan and Sarah. It was a dessert shower and was so much fun! It didn't start until 7:30, so we were able to get Brody all ready for bed and then my family came over to stay while he slept. It was nice to be able to stay out as long as we wanted and not worry about having to hurry home since we knew Brody would sleep all night. We stayed at the shower until 10:30ish then we went to Sonic and got ice cream! Yum! We were obviously out way past my bedtime because I was dragging trying to get ready for church this morning!

I know that I have really bad roots! Julee is fixing that this week! At least my husband's a hottie in this pic! :)

Today, we went to church, then I went shopping with Jill and Julee for a little while. Then, we had cake for Brody's 7 month birthday! I will post some pictures of that either tonight or in the morning! I cannot believe our baby is 7 months old!!!! Hope you had a great weekend, too!


Laura Ann said...

I did not realize our boys were exactly 5 months apart. I can't wait to see the cake. Is there anyway you could mail me a piece (ha)?

Megan said...

LOVE your new table. It is exactly what I want to get! It looks great!

Carri said...

Love the new looks really good! Brody is so cute!