Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Book and New Teeth

My friend, Leslie, came by last night to bring Brody a gift. Her mother-in-law is a children's book author, and Leslie brought Brody one of her published books! She even had her MIL sign Brody's copy of the book. Katy wrote him the cutest little note! Amazon and Target sell this book. It is the cutest story and such a fun read! I love children's books and I enjoy reading books to Brody so much, so I was thrilled Leslie brought this over for us! Thanks, Les!

In other exciting news at our house, Brody cut his top two front teeth yesterday! Our baby now has 4 teeth!! I can't believe how fast they are coming in. He cut two bottom teeth last month. I did not even realize the tops ones were coming in until they already broke through his gums.

Brody had been fussy Tuesday night and refused to go to sleep, which y'all know isn't like him. He was still not asleep by 10:00, so I nursed him and he finally went to sleep. Well, yesterday morning he was back up at 6, which is early for him. He literally screamed and cried for about 3 hours yesterday morning and he would not let me put him down. Brody just doesn't cry unless he is hungry or tired and he is not clingy at all, so I knew something was wrong. I text messaged Josh and told him what was going on and he texted me back and said, "growth spurt or teething." Hello! I stuck my fingers in the top of his mouth and there those little teeth were! They were not there Tuesday. Josh had even checked them on Tuesday night and they had not broken through the gums. I felt so bad because we usually give him Tylenol every 4 hours and teething tablets when he is teething, but this time he did it all on his own! He is such a trooper. He was back to his old self by the afternoon so I knew he is feeling much better. I'm so glad the teething was easier with these top two. I think the teething was on and off for 2 months before those bottom two came in! Yay Brody! You are getting so big!


Emily said...

Oh wow that is exciting about Brody getting more teeth. Lincoln has cut his bottom two, but I honestly thought babies didn't cut the top two until closer to a year old or older. Go Brody! Those days where you can't comfort your baby are rough! Glad its back to normal for you.

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Lilly refused to sleep when her bottom teeth were breaking through, too. I hate not it a growth spurt? teething? ear infection? gas? Makes me nuts because if Lilly is fussy-I know something is not right! I want to fix it!! What book/author is it?? Go Brody with all your teeth! I was talking to another mom and her son got his first 6 teeth in one week!! Also, good job Josh for knowing what was up...Matt would have said, "Take her to the doctor"...haha.

Superchikk said...

I totally feel you on the teeth. It seems like C is always getting teeth, and some of them are really rough! I'm glad your little man is feeling better, though, and props to Josh for figuring it out!

motherof3fellows said...

How did you get your picts. up in your header in the frames?? I've got a frame, but don't know how to get a picture in it. I didn't know if you knew how.

Your little man is darling!