Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Idol Voting

Brody was so tired last night after he voted for Kris Allen so many times!

So I think I am the only person in the entire state of Arkansas, or even the entire United States that doesn't watch American Idol. I know. It's shocking!!!! I used to watch it in high school and college, but I really don't care to watch it now. Since Brody has been here, Josh and I really don't watch much tv at all. We do watch The Biggest Loser religiously. We do not miss that show. That's about the only show we really watch. We have the tv on most nights, but we just aren't watching it. A lot of nights it just stays on some random sports channel or on the Food Network. I realize that is hard to explain and yes, we might be weird but that's ok. Before Brody, all we did at night was watch tv, but now we would much rather spend our time at night hanging out as a family. I don't want to look back one day when Brody is grown and regret spending my evenings doing things that didn't matter as much in the long run. It's just a personal choice for us. And honestly, I have no idea how I could get anything done if I got addicted to too many shows! I would spend all night on the couch instead of cleaning, laundry, etc. You know. The things I have to do at night because I can't get all of them done during the day!:)

All that being said, we don't watch AI but I did vote A LOT last night for Kris Allen. I sent 700+ text messages. I feel like that is a pretty good amount for someone who doesn't watch the show. I voted for 4 hours straight. I got bored voting some, so I would have to take a break and check FB or blogs on my phone, then I went right back to texting! I was really proud of myself!! Haha!! It did help that I was stuck in the car for an hour and a half of that so it made it easy to text because I was just riding. Here is something really funny. Last week I was proud of myself because I voted twice for him! I know. I went way out of my way!! Haha!! This week I was hard core though!

Drum roll please........We are watching AI tonight!!!!! I know! Try not to pass out and die from shock. I just feel like if I wasted, oops I mean invested, 4 hours of my Tuesday night voting, then I better watch and see who wins! Right? I'm slightly excited, but I'm trying not to let myself know I'm excited because it might led to an addiction of AI again. I went cold turkey breaking myself from it last time, so I'm not for sure I could do that again this time. Haha!


Kelly said...

I agree Jennifer - Scott and I usually watch so many shows but it's getting harder and harder to keep up. By the time we get Harper to bed - we both want to spend that time doing projects or catching up or whatever and it's hard to be tied to the TV. I'm glad for summer - we probably won't watch TV (except for a few things I can DVR and watch during the day or late at night during feedings).

Crystal said...

Hi Jennifer! I'm new to blogging and found you on Kelly's Korner. I agree about watching TV at night. It is so hard to keep up the normal house work and be addicted to TV. I don't have any children right now, but I'm sure I will be the same way!

Jill said...

I am SOOOO PROUD! I feel like I have played a part in you getting involved in AI. That just warms me heart and soul! Ha!
I am sure Kris Allen would like to thank you for all the votes - you know since I know him so well and all! Ha!
Get your AI game face on....T-Minus four hours!

Katie Spinks said...

I want Kris to win so badly he has been my favorite since the first episode he is so good - glad you voted because we can't vote (from Canada) even if he doesn't win he will still go far in a music career. ps love your phone I have the same one and the same cover - great minds think alike ;)

Julie said...

I agree with your comments on the TV watching and admire you a lot! Make the most out of your family time.

But I am thrilled you voted for Kris Allen. I did too!!! We are DVRing AI tonight.

Mary Lynn said...

Haha! I'm another person who never watches AI, but I too voted last night. But since I don't text, I was calling...and the lines were so busy I waited until about 11:15 to really get started. At that time almost every call went thru, but I probably voted maybe 50-60 times. I thought that was a lot for someone who didn't watch, but its nothing compared to what you accomplished! :-)

Amanda said...

This is the first season I haven't watched. I even made sure I had my DVR set back when I used to work nights. I just couldn't get into it anymore. My priorities just changed too much this past year. HOWEVER, I did vote for Kris last night! Haha! He is just a much better choice from the very little I have heard. :-)

Jenna said...

You make me smile!!! Hope your boy wins!!!

Leah said...

We don't watch Idol either.. never have. Not sure why though? We also are religious Biggest Loser watchers too haha. Everything else I used to watch just gets DVR'ed and eventually deleted off there because I never get around to watch it. All of those shows I used to watch all the time religiously as well now don't matter with little girl here! Oh how our lives change huh?

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love this post.....

Hope you will stop by and see me...Every comment enters you for the 10 big giveaways this honor of Parker's 10th birthday! I will resume our Disney posts in a few days.

Tonight I have such a heavy heart and a huge prayer request.

Jami said...

I saw your blog over at Kelly & little Harpers blog. You have the cutest little boy! I agree with the whole TV thing. I do record shows but hardly watch them unless I'm sick in bed. I am sooo thrilled that Kris won! I watched the show maybe 3 or 4 times this year and fell in love with his voice. Look forward to reading y'all more!

-Jami from TX

MELISSA said...

it worked!!!

Alexandra's Mommy said...

Right there with you on voting for 4 hours! I only got through like 7 times it drove me nuts! I wish I could have voted a lot more!


The Allens said...

We don't watch TV. At all. So, a lot of conversations go way over our head and people think we're pretty weird, I guess, but it works for us...

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