Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy 7 Month, Brody!

Happy 7 month birthday to this adorable guy! Seriously, I couldn't love him more! I think my heart might explode if I did! Look how much he has grown!!! I cannot believe it! This is from his one month birthday.
We have decided that this is our favorite age so far. While we have loved every second of every day we have had with him, we are having entirely too much fun with him now. He is HILARIOUS! As well as sweet, happy, silly, smart and almost perfect, except for when he acts like his momma! :)

Ok, so the picture with the cake is really becoming difficult! We had him in the glider for about 10 seconds and he had a wad of cake in his hand!

Brody, here is what you have been doing this past month!

  • You are still a great sleeper! We love you for that! I still think it's funny when people ask me if you sleep though the night because you have been sleeping 12 hours straight since you were 10 weeks old!
  • We wanted you to sleep later than 7am so we tried putting you to bed later a few times this month. It doesn't matter what time you go to bed. You always wake up at 7. Almost on the dot!
  • You still take two naps a day. Your morning nap is now about an hour, but your afternoon nap is 3 hours! It's awesome!
  • Your hair has started growing like crazy and it is blonde some days and diry blonde other days. I also started parting it to the other side this month. I really like the part change!:)
  • You got two teeth this month! Man are you super cute with them, even if you do bite sometimes when you nurse. You will not let us look at them unless we hold you down and force you to show them to us. You really don't like us when we do that!

  • You are sitting up all by yourself for as long as you want! I think you are extra strong because you don't have a chubby body to balance yourself on. You are doing it all on your own!

  • You are scooting all around on the floor and I think you look like a wounded snake. You use your little arms to pull yourself across the floor, but you let your legs drag behind you. You scoot across your bed, the couch, or wherever we put you! Sometimes we lure you across the floor with your paci. You still will not let me video you doing it. Please let me soon!

  • You still eat like a grown man. Momma likes it because it helps me stay skinny, but it is very exhausting some days. You are also eating yogurt by the tubs! You love yogurt!

  • You waved bye for the first time tonight! It was so exciting! It was when Big Daddy walked in the house and waved to you. We all yelled and clapped! Then, you did it several other times.

  • You are a very affectionate baby! I get out of control kisses from you several times a day! I am the only person you kiss like that and I LOVE it. Just remember whenever you meet HER that you loved me first!:)

You are just a precious little blessing and we are so incredibly thankful for you! We love you more than you will ever know! Thanks for the best 7 months of our entire lives!


Kristen Rodgers said...

Great Post, Jenn! Okay, so I read every blog you post, and I JUST decided that he grew up! I mean, just in this post he looks like he has grown up a couple months! Maybe it is all that new hair? He is just precious! I love your blogs!

Julee said...

I love the last point!! HAHA! :) Thank you for always including me into your family! I love all of you and especially Brody SOOOO much!!

Jeremiah & Lindsey Kindy said...

i love his new part! i can tell his hair is really getting longer. your last point almost made me cry a little... i had to tell myself "no". he is getting so big, so fast!

Lisa said...

awwwwh I got a little tear when you said "you loved me first." How sweet! I have always loved the bond between a mommy and her son. Several of my friends have boys and they are so sweet to their mommies. I can't believe he has 2 teeth! Can you please ask Brody to talk to Keegan's tooth just hanging out at the bottom?? I have seen it just sitting there for the last month and it wont break through. It's killing both of us! YEAH for waiving bye bye! We are working on that daily, lol.

Mrs. Dwiggins said...

He's perfect!!!

Jill said...

I LOVE him! He is so darn cute!I can't believe how big our little man gets - DAILY! He really is the sweetest baby, always so content.
I got a little teary ready about him loving you first! How sweet!
You forgot to mention his new found love for French Onion soup! Hahaha! The man - I mean baby will eat ANYTHING!
Love y'all!

The Allens said...

Oh! That's just awesome! And I can't believe the contrast between the one month and the seven month pictures!

Emily said...

I love his new 'part'. So cute.

He is growing up and looking so handsome!!!

Amanda said...

Please post the type and brand of yogurt. Thanks!!

Jill said...

BTW, Brody looks just like Josh to me in the first picture! I think the older he gets - the more he looks like his daddy! Don't worry he still looks like you when he sleeps! :) haha!

Kristi said...

He is so cute. He looks like a little man in that shirt and jeans. I can't believe he has teeth. We are 11 months and still NO teeth. Keep having fun with him. This is a fun age.

Heather said...

So Cute! So Cute! It just goes too fast....but I find myself saying every "stage" is my favorite! Little boys are just so sweet...

Jenna said...

This was sooooo sweet! Happy 7 months to Brody! What a great little guy he is - and obviously SOO loved!! Just precious. :-)

Cindy said...

He's such a cutie. Love that first pic.

Kelly said...

I can't believe how much he has grown and changed since that first month - he just looks like a little person now and he is adorable.
I hope "her" can be Harper. :-) I'll make sure she respects her MIL! ha!
And P.S. I can't believe how much he sleeps. You are the mother of all mothers!!!

Amanda said...

Oh My Gosh!!!! I can't believe how much he has grown up over the past month that I have been semi-away from blogging!!!!! Holy cow!!!! That can't be little Brody! :-)

He is absolutely precious!!!!