Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Afternoon at the Park

Yesterday afternoon, I took Brody to a park in Fayetteville. It is very close to the church he attends MDO at, so after I picked him up from there, we headed to the park to walk. It was such a beautiful day! I am soooo excited about the weather this week. I see lots of afternoon walks planned for us! He seemed to really enjoy being at the park. He is such an observer and was constantly finding people to watch. He loved seeing all the children, people and dogs.
The first half of the walk he sat up and looked around, but I could tell that towards the middle of it he was getting sleepy, so I reclined the stroller seat back and within 2 or 3 minutes, this is what he looked like. He slept until we got home. I know he was so relaxed in the nice, warm weather!Brody is taking a nap right now, but we are going walking on the trail in our neighborhood once he wakes up! Hello sunshine!


MELISSA said...

i hope the nice weather will stick around for a while.

Jill said...

Such a sweet baby! I love the pic of him sleeping! I hope we can all to the park soon!

Mandi said...

We've had nothing but rain that past two days but we NEED it!!!

Enjoy the nice weather!

Katie Spinks said...

glad your having nice weather and your getting to enjoy it with little Brody - he is such a cutie!