Monday, April 20, 2009

Wedding Showers

This is what our calendar board in the laundry room looks like!!! Those are all wedding shower invitations and they are only for this past weekend, next weekend and the weekend of May 2nd! We are definitely in full blown wedding season around here! Since Josh and I took the fast track to parenting, most of our college friends got married last summer or are getting married this summer! I love it! I'm so glad we still get to be a part of their lives and celebrate with them. It's kind of funny, because we have tons of wedding showers for our college friends, and then we are in full blown baby season at church. It's really the best of both worlds!

Yesterday, my pledge sister, Rachel had a wedding shower in central Arkansas. Rachel is getting married to Julee's brother, Evan. Julee, Jill, and our friend Leslie, all met at my house yesterday morning and we headed down for the shower. Of course, Brody with us! I was so excited for him to get to go meet everyone. Most of my pledge class had only seen pictures of him and he is the first PC '05 baby. Probably the only one for a while if I were to guess!The five of us at the shower. Brody was wanting down!Jill, Brody, Rachel (the bride-to-be) and me
A few of the girls from my PC at the shower. There are about 20 more girls that make up our PC!
Brody was so great all day! He basically was running on no naps and had spent 3 hours of the day in the car, plus 2 hours being passed around at the shower. I'm pretty sure he maybe cried once and it was a "feed me now" cry. I was just so proud of him! Well, by the end of the shower he was about to pass out. He had missed both his morning and afternoon nap by this point. Jill picked him up and within about 30 seconds he was asleep! He never ever falls asleep when someone is holding him! Jill sister had a baby last Friday, so we think Jill just has the touch now that she is an aunt to baby Sloan! Brody after Jill put him to sleep! He's about to be longer than his car seat.

After the shower, we ran by Rach and Evan's new house. Evan has already moved in and Rachel will move in after the wedding, but she has already decorated the house and it is beautiful!! They bought an older home and pretty much gutted it and remodeled it. You would not believe how different it looks! I fed Brody his dinner over there and then we headed back home.

Brody loved their dog, Jack! Brody and Jack are both 6 months old!

Brody and Evan in their matching Polos! They said they didn't plan it!:)


Kelly said...

Oh I remember those days of constant weddings. I'm a little sad that I've reached the point that I probably will not be going to many weddings until all of our kids start getting married. I love all the invitations!
I know it was so fun to see all of your college friends and I'm sure they LOVED Brody!!! He is so cute - he does look so tall and skinny in these pics - just adorable. He is going to be lucky like his parents to have a good metabolism. I'm trying not to hate all 3 of you! ha!

Mandi said...

You're going to be a BUSY girl!!! I remember doing what Howie called the "Wedding Tour" when we graduated from college. We don't go to many weddings these days. (: Enjoy all of the festivities!

Heather said...

Look at all those invitations! You look so pretty and Brody is HANDSOME! And "Jack" is a Westie like my sweet Gracie girl!
Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Laura said...

Wow, You may need a bigger board if this keeps up. However, it looks like so much fun.

Laura Ann said...

Brody is getting so big and he is so handsome (0f course).

Glad you got to spend some time with all your college friends. That post made me feel really old.

The days of weddings and showers are long gone for me as far as people getting married. Then I started, I have been out of college for 13 years. Be glad you and Josh had little Brody so young, it is hard on us "old folks".

Have a great week.

Jenna said...

Too fun!! That picture with all the invitations made me so happy!! As did all the pics of the fun times had by all. :-) You are too fun girl!

Julie said...

You are quite the busy lady!!! Amazing the amount of invites you have!! You looked so pretty in these pictures!!!

I haven't been to a wedding in while and I don't think I have one anytime soon! :(

Julie said...

p.s. The blue ring pop blog.....hilarious!!! Funny!!

Kelly said...

we are in full baby bloom in these parts too.
not too many weddings these days though. I do have one on the calendar for June though.
I do have lots of single friends though, so eventually the weddings will pop up. ;)

Have lots of at all the showers & weddings. FUN times!!!

Haley said...

Its a small world...I went to Little Rock Christian with Rachel. And Brody is so cute with his little hat on!